Sunday, August 2, 2015

Here Comes the Fall (Sort of)

By Cal Orey
Fall is on its way!
Years ago summer was my fave season. Nowadays, not so much. The back-to-school ads make me smile. I am in my countdown mode... 40 days, give or take and into pre-autumn we go. The thing is when you live at a resort town, like Lake Tahoe, off season is bliss. It means you once again have access to the stores, less crowded roads, resort pools, dog trails, the Lake, and quietude. Less vacation homeowner visits, loud noises, stray dogs, and then the season itself? 

Last Sept. Quebec was my destination
I love the crisp mornings and evenings. The change of colors, from trees to the sky, make me think I live in the Pacific Northwest (almost).  And, of course, I love to bake and cook in cooler temperatures as well as walk the Brittany and Aussie (double dense coat).  It's coming...
High Tea Time is Coming

Autumn with Aussie
PNW for tea and coffee books in late fall?
And this year I do not have to purchase firewood because of last year's drought. I've got enough wood in the garage and against the fence (all nicely stacked and dry). It's probably time to start stocking the pantry and begin pre-seasonal cleaning before I dive into the next Healing Powers series book: TEA! (HONEY, COFFEE, OLIVE OIL, VINEGAR, and CHOCOLATE are available now for the upcoming autumn season.)
Soup for fall, homemade is best

The world of tea awaits!
Yes, my pantry is chock-full of teas--all kinds--ready for me to sip and savor, cook, and bake with as I enter Teaworld. This topic excites me and I am going to go somewhere where the tea people live but still can't decide exactly where...perhaps more than one destination will suffice.

So, I wait and prepare for the season of all seasons... Pine cones dropping, the first fire in the old rock fireplace, cuddling up with two dogs and a cat, planning a getaway to use those flight miles I postponed, bringing out the cozy throws, flannel sheets, sweaters and jeans, and quietude. Bring it on!

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