Thursday, August 13, 2015

Author-Intuitive Goes with the Flow

By Cal Orey

Pre-fall is in the air at Lake Tahoe. This morning it was a chilly 39 degrees; the kids have returned to school; and soon the resort pool will be available to me week long.  Other signs, including ads for autumn attire, falling pine needles, squirrels nibbling stuff on the ground, firewood lined up against the fence, flannel sheets en route to me--and teas galore to taste and enjoy for days, weeks, and months to come. 

On the Road  I was making plans to promote the Healing Powers series and combine tea book research. Still surprised at pricey Boston. California (Gilroy and Montclair) and Ohio (Cleveland) bookstores have shown interest and provided invites for me--author signings. Currently, I've decided to put these events on the back burner due to unexpected life's twists and turns. Read: Dog tooth surgery; new computer; and the latest challenge? 
Munching on a lozenge I chomped down and chipped a lower back molar. Today, I went to my friendly dentist who shaved the rough edge. A few hours later, it reminded me of the small rip in my water bed liner. Fixed it with a new one for peace of mind. Next Thursday morning I will be getting a crown for safety's sake and so I can continue to munch on crunchy apples and carrots--never again cough drops.  I do not want to be a Castaway character and end up in pain, stranded somewhere in Canada (if I do go to Ohio) with a tooth gone bad.

Book Research/Signings  So, my travel plans are on hold. The Ohio store intrigues me because several hours north puts me in Ontario, Canada the place I really want to revisit. I didn't want to take a small aircraft but this way I will be able to take the big plane and then board a train. 
Actually, Portland, Oregon was my first destination. I was welcomed to a Chinese tea garden and even got a press pass for the Coffee Fest come for late October. But it looks like I'll be brewing tea from China instead for now. 
I lived in Oregon back in the day when I was in my early twenties. It truly wasn't my favorite state and my goal was to waitress my way back to California which I did. Still, I almost booked a flight and room in downtown Portland but now I realize it's not going to happen. A collective sigh from my two dogs and cat.

Here Comes Autumn I believe in destiny. For now, nesting at Lake Tahoe, enjoying the upcoming off season, preparing my taxes for October 15 (not fun but a necessity), tasting, cooking, baking with countless teas--is all good. 
I don't need to get up a 2:30 A.M. to catch a shuttle bus, grab a jet plane to Salt Lake City and then Portland, fly away to a Coffee Fest...I will save travels for a rainy day. And with the chatter El Nino may just bring the West Coast rain and more rain. So perhaps if the end of October is stormy I'll see it as a blessing for the 1,000 dollar new crown of glory.
So for now, I will enjoy the moment and the moment after that: Bathing my boys, researching for the new book at home and via interviews around the world thanks to technology, and waiting for queries from the third edition of VINEGAR. And it's time to take the computer out of the box and set it up. My saved flight miles are in a safe place waiting for the right time for me to spread my wings.

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