Sunday, July 19, 2015

July 19 Meltdown for Author on Break

By Cal Orey

Today is Sunday, a day in the week that is usually a good one filled with fun and spontaneous outdoor activities with my dog duo. But on this mid-summer afternoon I find myself in a minor meltdown mood. Let me count the ways how this day tanked and it's not over but should be...
Boston in the Fall? Planning my
B-Day book research escape

1) The go-to Reno guy to repair my bed with a cosmetic tear has gone simply AWOL. Translation: The problem is back in my court. He flaked right after I sat outside on a log with fresh pine tree sap; ruined my favorite skinny blue jeans. A call to Victoria's Secret repaired my grief. RIP. I loved those jeans.

My attire for the next trip: Boston, Chicago or somewhere cold
with Tea People
2) That freshly painted deck is now on the back burner. My loyal sibling has been MIA since yesterday. (I had a dream last night where someone showed me a newspaper article that he was missing.) So, the job remains undone much like the bed...
3) Speaking of beds...  He is somewhere, someplace with an ex boyfriend (no label ever made it to the table) who wasn't good enough for me but is fine for him to have good times the way guy pals do. (Thank God for my two canines who can spell loyalty.) It's not that I care; it's that our dog day afternoon has been scratched. Howl.
4) Last night a weak moment hit me. After dishing predictions on a psychic network I decided to play the online dating site, similar to hitting the casinos. Yes, I snagged a live one: younger, cute, blond, Gemini...
I miss Monday morning in B.C. Tomorrow
it's to the outdoor pool.
5) This morning when I called per his request I was rewarded with an obnoxious jerk on the road. Remember, I'm intuitive. As he loudly confirmed he was driving out of town and on a cell phone the words I heard were like scraping your fingernail on a blackboard. Let me recount how it went: "Are you a homeowner? How many square feet is your home?" Hello? Still at a loss for words.
6) And it got progressively worse. "I date women of all ages. I'm seeing a 26-year-old. When he returns I got an invite to travel 100 miles round trip to meet him because this one will be too tired.  I need an aspirin. And so it goes. Happily single...just needed a quick reminder of the reason behind my status.
Getting ready to decide where to flee to for pre-fall
7) By now my sinus headache (or another quake is due from the one last night that rocked Truckee) is about 11 on 1-10 scale and 10 being a mega pain in the bum.
8) So what was going to be a productive, loving life day has turned into a ice pack on the forehead (right between the eyes), "I'm not thrilled" weekend and I'm praying for magical Monday.
9) Tomorrow has to be better... and this week promises a teeth cleaning, touching up those roots on the locks, and summer cleaning this rustic Tahoe-style cabin.
10) One positive thing...I just heard the sound of thunder. The weather gods have sent Pacific Northwest clouds, thunder, and hopefully rain this way. Perhaps I will shop online and figure out how I'm going to spend those saved up flight miles...
A Bonus: My fico score is still in good standing. Maybe I should break the news to the one I tossed back to the sea.  I need a nice cup of hot tea.  And then it's time to brush the dogs' teeth... count my blessings. Thank God I am single and in love with soulmates with paws. No questions asked. Oh, and my senior Brittany has papers and is a Gemini...

UPDATE: Bed man showed. Sitting on it now! Great job. No longer longing for a man (especially after the dude who wants to know the square footage of my home).  Planning a pre-fall escape. Mondays are my favorite day. Motto: Everything is temporary. 

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