Sunday, March 17, 2013

Skyler's Scoop: The Poop on Puppy Power

My Aussie Pup is Growing Up
By Cal Orey

Today, it hit me. Skyler, my blue merle Australian Shepherd is going to be four months next week.  He looks bigger and I'm beginning to notice many milestones that make me smile because my puppy is morphing into a handsome dog with soulful hazel eyes...

1. I can sleep six hours instead of four through the night.
2. There are no more hisses or growls by my Siamese Zen and Brittany Simon...Skye is part of the pack...
3. ...He grooms kitty in the AM and before we go to sleep. And my Aries Zen cat loves the attention.
4. Simon has seemed to get his mojo back... he wags his tail, chews his bones and all of Skyler's toys. (While we both greatly suffered the loss of our beloved Brittany, Seth, 6 and grieved) life and energy from Skye has helped us go through the healing process.
5. Skyler can now sit, sit up, and definitely shake upon command. He comes and fetchs balls and walks with me at the campground. We're working on the herding my pants leg.
6. He loves going on errands and smiles when the wind blows through his double coat. He's a pup on a mission and gets it when we we're ready to go do it.
7. Potty training is a minor issue...he lets me know when he has to do his business and we've got it down about 80% if not more.
8. He is loving. He is smart. He is energetic. 
9. I love having two dogs (again). There is balance in the household.
10. My fur child is growing up so fast...and I am falling in love (again).

P.S. I don't know how to break it to Simon (40 lbs) that his new brother is going to be bigger. He likes little dogs. It makes him feel secure. Maybe he won't notice and think it's in his head? Or perhaps he'll think, "Skyler needs to go on a diet?" Or maybe just maybe he'll feel like he's got a protector when the tourists let their dogs off leash!

(In memory of Seth, the dog who stole my heart and soul.)

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