Sunday, March 10, 2013

Skyler's Scoop: The Poop on Puppy Power

These Eyes

What color of eyes will my Aussie end up sporting?

I'm obsessed with my Australian Shepherd pup's eye color. His mom has ice blue; dad amber. At 3 1/2 months Skyler has hazel eyes. But is this the final color?

Nobody seems to know. I've contacted psychics, vets, Aussie breeders, intuitive friends--everyone says something different. One trusty psychic says one of each color. I'd be thrilled. A group of folks say amber. Happy again. One astrologer insists brown. 

So, each day I go out into the sunlight and on non-sunny days I use a flashlight and look at my boy's eyes. I know. Then, I take pics and zoom in to look at the hue. This has become one heck of a job. The dog probably senses I'm neurotic. Well, I predict by six months old I will know the end result. One of each? Amber? Hazel? I give up. Time will tell..."Skyler? Let's go outside. Mommy wants to see your eyes again."

The thing is, I should be putting more energy into training this energetic fluff ball. When he sits upon command I do get to see his hazel eyes. And last night they were hazel when he watched me discover the small hole in my waterbed. How can such a small pup and hole make a big mess on each corner of the  waterbed liner. My muscles ache from blotting up water with towels again and again. I was lucky to find a new patch kit that saved what could have been a disaster.  
But no reprimand for my teething puppy (who has 20 or more toys) because I didn't catch him in the act but he is the puppy monster with very big eyes--whatever color they end up to be-- that still melt my heart.


  1. Got a message from an Aussie breeder. Sent the pic above to her and waited for her response to end result of eye color...AMBER. I hope this is the right answer. It seems to be the consensus. Of course, two different colors would make me scream with joy.