Sunday, February 17, 2013

Skyler's Scoop: The Real Poop on Puppy Power

By Cal Orey, The Writing Gourmet

Welcome to the c-r-a-t-e. I admit it. Both my new pup Skyler and I have included the word crate in our vocabulary and I am in heaven! And this is exactly how I--the down-to-earth anti-crate animal lover became a dog crate lover convert...

The Dog Box

After umpteen telephone calls to my trustworthy pet sitter and no call backs--I was frustrated. How in the world was I able to go swim, hit the store, whip up a meal with a 14 pound (he gained one in one week) puppy running crazy throughout the house? Read: I had no life and sported puffy no sleep puppy eyes. What to do?
On Saturday afternoon, like a zombie Stepford wife on a mission to keep her household in perfect order I visited my local pet store. "One dog crate, please!" Alas, I brought home a crate fit for a 25-35 pooch. It laid in the car behind Skyler (on his best behavior on drives) and senior Simon, the Brittany who loves to go as well.
Once home, I opened the big crate, turned on Animal Planet, left Simon to babysit (he's 60 in human years and gets how to behave) with the little tyke--and I went to the grocery store (my first visit in more than two weeks)! 

Hello Life! I Feel Human Again

When I came back home--Skyler was still alive!  And to me this means swimming at the resort pool, going to the dentist, gyn, post office--and most importantly, I am not chained to a 11 week old puppy because I took charge.
Last night, still a bit exhausted from the new "baby" addition to my family, I thought, "I wonder if energetic Skyler (a true Sag fire sign) would sleep in the crate?" True, he's been good snoozing through the night on the right of me in the bed; Zen, the Siamese cat to the left and Simon under the comforters by my feet but...a hiss and growl here and there has given me semi-broken sleep. So, I tried the crate. A couple of preliminary whimpers and done! Amazing! Note to self: Write a thank you note to the two-legger who invented the dog box. I feel like I went to a plush hotel and slept like a pup. And Skyler still loved me in the morning! 
After a cup of java this AM, I heard my pup barking crazy at his new box. I looked inside and Zen (the cat who thinks he's a dog) was comfy in Skyler's new digs. So the motto of this tail? Crates have their place in a human and pup's life to make it sane; if used here and there it can be a godsend to a nurturing human dog mom! 
Oops. Where oh where is my puppy? The Aussie escaped through the baby gate and is on the loose. Dog gone. I found him. Skyler was having the time of his life in the dining room--a place that is my library and oasis (complete with a fish aquarium) for grown up people that know where the bathroom is and don't chase the kitty for the thrill of it.  But note, I vow to use the incredible dog box sparingly.  Repeat as necessary. I have my life back!


  1. The next day, I exchanged the dog box for a bigger one! Thinking two months ahead...4 month old running free when dog mom goes to swim? Nah, we have to do this right!

  2. Going to shower, bake...about 1/2 hr. without little 15 lb Skyler underfoot and wondering what he's chewing on. Is he happy? Oh yeah! Asleep in his HUGE dog box.