Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Skyler's Scoop: The Real Poop on Puppy Power

By Cal Orey, The Writing Gourmet
Help! Who Do I Call? Puppybusters!

Tomorrow is sweet Valentine's Day Lovefest and I have my sweet loving and loyal two canine valentines--senior Simon and youngster Skyler. I admit that there are roller coaster twists and turns of raising a puppy. Do I have regrets for adopting a new Aussie? Well, at my age it is a mega challenge. I think I've aged 10 years in 10 days with my 10 week old Australian Shepherd (and he literally shredded the article on how to care for him so I'm on my own)...

Brainstorming for a 
Puppy Monster Barricade
Yesterday, for instance, I looked at my once tidy and comfy bedroom/workroom--an oasis--and it resembled a devastated region after a great quake.  Piles of pillows, large framed pictures, books, and baby gates were used to be a fortress to keep "monster puppy" away from my cords to the TV, cable box, computer, waterbed--all the comforts and links to the 21st century. But the mess was an eye sore and wasn't really working for my dog that seems to have a higher IQ than me and will go through all obstacles to chew on anything I need or want.
So, in desperation I called a mountain handyman. Alas, two big men and two big white trucks arrived at my cabin. I was rescued. It was amusing. I smelled like puppy pee while holding my new pooch in an attempt to open the front door. My 13.2 pound ball of tri-color fluff was looking all cute and innocent with his hazel eyes while we watched these big men as they stood in my room where I work and chill. They talked like two heady surgeons while troubleshooting how to keep Skyler out of my cords to the world. Wood barricades--at least three--was mentioned as was putting boards on baby gates. (Last week Skyler put his head through one of the holes and it got stuck. I had images of me dialing 9-1-1 but ended up gently pushing his furry head back out  in the nick of time.) 
Then, the senior handyman got a dog-proof brainstorm. He attached the outlet strip to the back of the bed headboard. It was brilliant! No more doggy shredding cords! I was no longer distraught and getting images of puppy getting shocked by the electricity or my words, "NO! Skyler!"  I won the battle this time around. But that's not all...
It's still a human challenge with Puppy Potty Training 101. Yes, Skyler is a fast learner and gets it right and outside 75% of the time. I don't do crate training, nor does he. But watching puppy 24/7 is a bit of a chore. Two days ago, I called my trusty pet sitter and left a message: "Please come for an hour so I can go swim." I haven't heard back as of yet. So, the treadmill out in the living room is looking better every day. (Unfortunately, pups can't do it until one year old because their body is still in its growing stage... but I'm not a puppy and it may just do the trick to get a bit of sanity.)
Of course, Skyler needs to exercise, too. But for the next six weeks dog walks are limited due to the puppy shots regime and it is icy out there. (The word is, the local dog trainer fell while walking four dogs; one escaped.) These home bound blocks are only temporary and then it's time to go do it--and getting a move on will make our tails wag.
And the photo of me and Skyler? Well, it's the no make-up, no hair color, no sleep puppy look.  True, this phase shall pass and one day my Aussie and I will make a handsome couple. Note to self: Make hair appointment. 


  1. I have to tell you, I just Love Love Love that picture of you and Skyler! You look so natural, with a real kicked back, comfy attitude, just loving your adorable Skyler. Skyler.... awww, he really has such a beautiful face, the Beautiful Little Fluff Ball, :)) It is so endearing, Mommy all snuggled up to her new baby and Skyler with his little paws on Mommy's leg and knee. The Love Is Palpable. Please pass that Beautiful Little Fluff Ball to me... <3 <3 <3 <3

  2. Thank you so much for your kind words! Being a dog mom at the age of well much older than I a task! But I can do it. Not sure who said a puppy keeps you young but I'm sure this Aussie will keep me going and troubleshooting how to make our lives happier with more life!