Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Smell the Coffee! Coffee Lovers Amazing Contest

By Cal Orey, The Writing Gourmet

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 Meet the Woman 
Who Has Her Line of Coffee

            For Miss Ellie (Sisters Ellie Glidewell, left, and Emmie Thomas founded Coffee.org in 2008. Coffee.org, a family-owned coffee retailer based in Fort Smith), coffee is the perfect way to pursue several of her passions while assuring that you get the smoothest cup of coffee available. When her step father, Bill McClure wanted her to be part of his gourmet coffee business—Coffee.org—Miss Ellie said, “Sure, but I want to do it the right way, a way where the benefit gets spread around. Oh, and may have my own line of coffee?”
            Miss Ellie has her line of coffee, and the next thing she wanted was direct involvement in choosing the blends that would bear her name. As with everything she does, she is demanding and meticulous in the selection process, working closely with her roaster, traveling to out-of-the places, testing, tasting, sitting a spell and reflecting on it.
            “In the morning you want a good cup of coffee to get you going and in a good mood to run out the door,” she says. “The coffees I choose for Miss Ellie’s will definitely do that.”
            Then there was the business itself. See, Miss Ellie does not believe in ravaging the environment or misusing people. It is probably in the way she was brought up. Raised to do well and do right, she wanted those principles reflected throughout the entire Coffee.org Company. She found the perfect way to do this, through Coffeekids.org, an organization that helps coffee-farming families improve the quality of their lives.
            “This isn’t about just roasting a bunch of coffee and seeing who want to buy it,” Miss Ellie adds. “I drink my product. I am my own best customer. I hate horrible coffee. I am not going to let anything get to my customers that I don’t absolutely love. My name’s on the bag, and where I come from, you have pride in your good name.”
            Ellie Glidewell is a managing partner of Coffee.org. She graduated from the University of Arkansas, Fort Smith, and loved teaching school before deciding to have a coffee name after her. 
Coffee History: The wholesale coffee products company began with the love of coffee. As the story goes, it is family-run business. As a retailer for coffee goods, this online company has everything a coffee lover could want, from a wide variety of coffee brands, types, coffee equipment, and so much more. The quality of products is standout and the following is strong.
Healing Powers:  When a box of Coffee.org goods was delivered to me, I was greeted with a coffee grinder, a must-have for getting the freshest cup of java. Premium roasts, from organic and fair trade coffee to a bag of flavored dark chocolate mint coffee were my new coffee friend. Fresh, organic, fair trade—these are some of the things that make coffee drinking a healthful thing to do.
My Fave Coffees:  A cup of organic medium roast coffee was the first organic coffee I have tasted. It’s a feeling you get when you eat organic produce that feels healthy. I can’t say it tasted different than a non-organic cup of coffee but the thought behind it is the same reason why I drink organic milk.
(Excerpt: The Healing Powers of Coffee: A Complete Guide to Nature's Surprising Superfood)