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COFFEE: Lose Lbs. on the Skinny Beverage

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The Skinny Beverage 

By Cal Orey, The Writing Gourmet

Coffee is a beverage that puts one to sleep when not drank.
                           --Alphonse Allais, French writer, humorist (1854-1905)  

My college and coffee days came with semester breaks. During one period, I was living a carefree Bohemian lifestyle in HollywoodSouthern California. I worked at 24-hour coffee shops as a waitress. The work kept me and my dog fed and the rent paid--and kept unwanted pounds off.   One weekend I escaped L.A. with my roommate and canine companion for a beautifying desert mini vacation.
We left Los Angeles to Palm Springs--a desert haven to get sun, fun, and dump five pounds with ease. In the morning, I woke up to a 12-ounce cup of regular brew (no Double-Double with double sugar and double cream and No Whip). It gave me energy to pool hop, visiting one hotel pool to another. It even gave me the brainstorm to sneak my water-loving dog, a black Lab Stone Fox, into the cold water, too. During the afternoon I tasted my first cold coffee drink. I ordered it at a café for the rich.  One iced café mocha--and cold water to go for my pooch. Not only did the chocolaty coffee flavor and temperature of the sweet beverage cool me down but the caffeine gave me more physical energy and zapped hunger pangs so I could continue to play and swim, enjoying the long days of leisure. 
            These days, at Lake Tahoe, I get my morning wake up jolt from hot coffee--all kinds. It gives me motivation to stay active and keep balanced.  Teamed with the Mediterranean diet and lifestyle, coffee works to keep moving. It's the Mediterranean foods, the pools where I swim--and coffee in moderation--that keep me from looking like a middle-aged spayed feline. I feel more like a healthy coffee plant but nourishing myself. But eating right and drinking coffee to keep off unwanted pounds is nothing new.

            Since biblical times, the health conscious have turned to juice fasting for its body-cleansing and weight-loss benefits. Natural fruit and vegetables flush toxins from your body. And they flush away fat, too. What's more, coffee can speed up the weight loss.          
           Eating this way isn't just about paring pounds; it's about cleaning out your digestive system. You'll not only feel thinner, you'll also look positively thinner.

Enter The Coffee Diet... (A Healthful Mini-Fast) 
Lose Up to 5 lbs. or More in 2 Days
 Since the thirties on into the fifties, Hollywood dieters have turned to the slimming power of this wonder citrus—and coffee. The grapefruit’s status as the ideal diet food was born when researchers found evidence that it contains fat-dissolving compounds. Further elevating the fruit’s status in the world of weight loss: It’s low cal, fat-free, fiber-rich, vitamin-packed and satisfying... [Excerpt The Healing Powers of Coffee by Cal Orey: *Chapter 10 has the easy coffee diet that works more coffee weight loss information!]

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