Monday, June 4, 2012

Vinegar & Honey Rx -- Fat Fighters? Hope or Hype?

By Cal Orey
The Writing Gourmet

Today, I received a message that sour vinegar does not help you lose unwanted pounds. The messenger quoted a diet guru (ironically who carries extra weight)--yet I maintain a slim, fit 118 pounds, size 4, and I'm 5'5".
What's more, Dr. Louise Gittleman explains in my book The Healing Powers of Vinegar exactly how apple cider vinegar can help you to fight fat. It's the acetic acid. And yes, it can help to suppress your appetite so you'll eat less, lose more. And I dish out more ways--an entire chapter--on how ACV and other vinegars can indeed help people to shed unwanted weight.
But note, if you take vinegar and still eat junk food, consume too many calories, and don't get a move on--forget vinegar. It won't help. It's the entire package of the Mediterranean diet and lifestyle--fresh fruits, veggies, whole grains, nuts, poultry, fish, olive oil--that will get you slim and keep you there.
So, is The Healing Powers of Vinegar all hype? Nope. But it's not a magic bullet either. And I repeat this again and again in the book. What's more, personally I use ACV topically but I do turn to honey in baking and cooking. It's a healthier sweetener--you use less and that means less unwanted weight. The bottom line: If you turn to ACV, sweet raw honey, and fat-burning tea--especially green but calming chamomile is fine, too--you'll fit in those skinny jeans, like I do. No overweight fellow author can tell me that it doesn't work. It does. I'm living proof. Yet remember, it's a lifestyle not just vinegar that keeps fat at bay.


  1. Thanx John. For those ACV lovers, remember to rinse and/or brush. Vinegar is acidic like orange juice.