Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Healthy Honey Feng Shui Tips for Spring Cleaning

By Cal Orey, The Writing Gourmet

Welcome your sweet home to the art of honey-ized feng shui--the ancient Chinese art of placement. Its goal is to bring you peace and harmony. Read on--you can enjoy a well-balanced hive that feels good from head to toe, with a touch of honey.

*Use beeswax cleaners. It's time to clean your kitchen from top to bottom to be clean like a clean beehive. If you keep it eco-friendly it will provide you with better health and energy.
* Declutter your honeys. Getting rid of things you don't use will up your energy. You will feel lighter with less kitchen baggage. I cleaned out my pantry. Then I tackled each honey jar and wiped each one one by one.
* Clean the stovetop and oven. This was a chore, but it feels right to have the stovetop shine. Use vinegar and water. Trust me, this is a feel-good must-do before baking and cooking with honey.
* Boost your mood with plants. To help wipe out pollutants in your kitchen--like beekeepers do with their colonies--fill your space with healthy, hardy, happy plants.
* Fish, fish, fish. Goldfish can bring you good luck and prosperity. In fact, nine is the lucky number (and so is eight). The colors? Gold like amber honey. Also, this is a good strategy, for when you cook and bake honey dishes the odds are better that they will turn out better.
*Bring out the fresh fruit. Keep healthful seasonal fruits on display and ready to cut and pair with honeys.
More tips can be found in The Healing Powers of Honey chapter "Honeymania: Honey for the Household".


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