Sunday, February 26, 2012

A New Coffee Book is Percolating for the Summer of 2012

Today I'm craving chocolate and coffee. In fact, I just grabbed a bag of Hazelnut Godiva Coffee out of the freezer. And I got my dark chocolate almonds fix to get me through the night. It's superfoods, like these, that can and do help me and others feel good, stay healthy, and get the job done...
I'm sensing within a month or so I will receive a big surprise on my doorstep. No, it won't be chocolate or coffee (well, maybe)--it will be the galley of my book The Healing Powers of Coffee published by Kensington. As an veteran author of the Healing Powers book series, I can tell you straight up that it's sweet and super exciting to receive the almost finished product of your work and efforts. Think of being almost nine months pregnant and getting closer and closer to the day when your beloved baby is born.
On the other side of the coin, I'm still raising my other children: Cal Orey's The Healing Powers of Honey and The Healing Powers of Chocolate. Vinegar and Olive Oil? These two are adults and doing well. Very well. (Vinegar is in its 16th printing, 2nd edition. Both books are published in tradecover, mass market, and e-book formats. And they've both been translated in 15 languages around the globe. People believe in these ancient foods from Mother Nature.) But, people forget that chocolate and honey powers go way, way back in time, too.
So, I sit here on Sunday night with my furry companions, dark chocolate teamed with a cup of hot chamomile tea to give me that feel-good endorphin boost. Then, tomorrow I'll cherish the first sip of Joe in the a.m., and continue to spread the word of my new child on its way. Is it exciting being a health book mom? Yeah, it is, sort of. But if it weren't for chocolate and coffee it wouldn't be as easy.

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