Sunday, November 6, 2011

Intuitive Cal Orey Forecasted Midwest 5.6 Quake...and More

In Oracle 20/20 Magazine, January 2011 issue, Cal Orey predicted a strong shaker in the Midwest/New Madrid Zone that would be felt in several states for 2011. -- Cal Orey, The Writing Gourmet
Yesterday when Oklahoma began to get some shakers, back to back, I posted on my site Earthquake Epicenter Forum that a swarm was happening. "What's up?" Hours later, a registered 5.2 (upgraded to a 5.6) quake hit Oklahoma. I had noted Missouri and Arkansas in my forecast. (AR and MO are on the east). And these two states did get a whole lotta shaking. But there's more...

This strong earthquake was widely felt in the several states of the New Madrid Zone (as I had forecasted would happen). I'm talking Indiana, Illinois, Arkansas, Missouri, and probably the three other states, too. Reports of feeling it to the USGS are backed up. It stopped at 56,000 plus.
Folks on EEC site are wondering "What's going on?"As an intuitive, I say: "The New Madrid Zone is waking up." I know, I know, OK is not in the Zone but...that is where the epi was (nothing new but stronger than before in this and last century). What's more, it was felt there back in 1811/1812 when the New Madrid Great Quakes happened--and could be affected again if and "if" this quake triggers a stronger shaker east--in the New Madrid Fault Zone. 
And history does and can repeat itself. The question is--"Is the Midwest going to have a sequel to the great quakes of the 19th century?" It's possible. When? If you want a time frame I'll say any time from now through 2012.

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