Monday, November 7, 2011

Author-Intuitive Cal Orey Foretells on The Mancow Show

Monday morning wake-up predictions with Mancow about what's buzzworthy in the future.
--Cal Orey, The Writing Gourmet
Up early at 4:30 AM to make a guest cameo appearance on The Mancow Show. I thought I was going to talk about "oddest phobias" (Friday 13th, sleeping, money) but no. As an intuitive I sensed I'd be tossed a curve ball.  Really, well sort of. 
As a phone psychic for two international phone networks, I dish out readings on cue. Today, Mancow asked for one. Yikes. On the spot I reacted like a cat not ready or willing to perform tricks. Funny, he asked me to "read" him...I drew a blank. I said: "You drank coffee." (I was right.) I then added: "Fuzzy like a eight ball. Try again."
Weird, I can read anyone...Perhaps it was the audience vibe or his strong energy like a fire sign. Yet he is a water/air cuspie. (Very odd. I was blocked but when doing phone readings it comes easily. I felt static like a radio station couldn't get a signal.)
The Mancow did recall my past on-air past prediction for a strong quake in the midwest this year which did hit big-time over the weekend--and 280 miles east is the New Madrid Zone (the seven states shook).
This time around he asked me how I do it--predictions. I said it is a "gift" -- "comes to me like writing." I, the writer labeled "author" added, "Right brain, creative." And then came the predictions, per the popular host's request...
* 2012 will be "like a rollercoaster."
* Presidential election will be crazy.
* If you thought 2011 quakes were scary, 2012 will be super spooky. I'm feeling West Coast and/or America--we've been lucky for the most part so far.
* Dec. 21 will not be the end but "Fasten your seat belts" for the upcoming year.
 One more thing. I forecast Obama will be re-elected--but I didn't mention it on air so here it is, whether we like it or not. 

And then I disappeared like Glenda the Good Witch in The Wizard of Oz. Poof. I wanted to pour another cup of java (Gingerbread/Columbian) and since I was up I signed onto the psychic networks. The phone rang when I was half asleep. No problem. It was a question about a job and friend. A shake-up and stress-related illness(es). It was an easy read, like usual.  Mancow? Probably off- air reading him could be a piece of coffee cake with a cuppa coffee (or two).  And now the phone is ringing..."Intuitive Callie."

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