Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Lake Tahoe Gets the Big Chill: Fall Weather Forecast

Here comes the bittersweet cold. -- Cal Orey, The Writing Gourmet
It's late October and I'm just about to bring in the firewood to make and enjoy the first fire of the autumn season. The thing is, once you go there there is no turning back. The gas heat has kicked on and I've put on the storm windows for added warmth. Yep, it's the beginning of cold weather days. This week the temperatures are dropping into the teens.  It's here. The big chill has arrived.
FALL WEATHER FORECAST: On the upside, my weather forecast: I'm holding my ground. I made this prediction a month ago on Earthquake Epicenter Forum. It will be a warmer fall than normal for the Sierra. Much toastier than 2010. No significant snowstorms this year. We'll talk winter of 2012 come December when I create my annual Earth changes forecast.
However, in December we may get one nice snowstorm with the white powder above 7000 ft. Lake level will have the slush or slain...Read: No mega shoveling. Black ice. And some flooding? Count on it.
Meanwhile, it's time to make a casserole and bake honey bread, bring out the flannel sheets, and anticipate the awesome crackling, warm fire throughout the night and into the morning. Ah, that means a quick clean of the firesplace and bringing in the wood. Perhaps the first fire in my cabin will be made October 26, the day of the New Moon. 

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