Thursday, October 27, 2011

I Forecasted the 4.7 Sierra Shaker...and So Did My Cat Zen

The Earth moved tonight...and my cat Zen sensed it coming... 
Cal Orey, The Writing Gourmet
Tonight my Siamese mix cat Zen was meowing nonstop, much like prior to the recent San Francisco temblors. This breed is a talker...and I should have known. I forgot my recent forecast on the website Earthquake Epicenter Forum as well as the one in Oracle 20/20 magazine for this year for this region,  a moderate to strong temblor near Truckee and/or Reno noted to be felt throughout Northern CA--which it was.
Next time Zen vocalizes I promise to be more compassionate. I ended up mimicking him and meowing back but it didn't help. Nor did food or cuddling. Nothing mattered Mr. Meower until the Earth moved.
Worse, I have a headache. Now, this can mean more shaking is on its way or it's just a headache. On the upside, kitty is sleeping sound next to me. And so it goes.

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