Friday, May 20, 2011

A Toast to NO Doomsday, May 21, 2011

So tomorrow is the beginning of the end of the world, or so one doomsayer and his followers claim. As a doom and gloom gal, I won't jump on this end game bandwagon. Back on April 22, I, author-intuitive Cal Orey was a guest on The Mancow Show following the guest dishing out the end of world words. When asked by Mancow if I sensed May 21 would be judgment day I darted back "No." And I'm holding my ground to that when the world does not experience an apocalpse. (But something challenging could indeed happen as it seems to past and present because that's life.)

This scenario reminds me of a scene in the classic film "Groundhog Day." When the character Phil (not the groundhog) pondered that if the world stopped as he knew it, why not live life to the fullest. He began to wolf down high fat food, and indulge in everything because it didn't seem to matter. So, should I go gamble? Book a Red Eye flight? Get reckless and throw caution to the wind? Nah, because my sixth sense tells me that May 22 will arrive.

Yep, the galley for The Healing Powers of Honey (Kensington Books) is coming next week and will have to be proofed by moi. My research mode for the new superfood book is in full gear. And I sit here waiting for a caller from the psychic network. Life goes on.

But note, due to this dire forecast of doomsday despite my anti-prediction that it won't happen, I did buy biscotti and will drink java (and study how to create latte art) because I need to feel centered. And coffee (and goals) give people a boost of energy and well-being and the Italian cookie has a crunch when it's high anxiety time. What's more, I bought food for the week because chances are I will be here and food is part of living. (I even bought Zen, my new cat a mouse because we most likely will be here and he needs toys.) Goodbye cruel world. Till Sunday, May 22.

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  1. UPDATE:(But something challenging could indeed happen as it seems to past and present because that's life.)
    So, today NZ was hit w/a 6.1 (that's uncanny since that's where this thing was supposed to start) but then it kind of fizzled. A 5.8 Japan aftershock and Iceland--volcano w/50 small quakes. Overall, a normal seismic day. Less than 6 hrs. to go for the Golden State.