Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Love for Artisanal Chocolate Soars in Asia

By Cal Orey,
The Writing Gourmet
For more than a decade, New York-based Christopher Norman Chocolates has developed a sweet chocolate connection with Japan. Evidently, Japanese clients love the gourmet chocolates that show craftsmanship and attention to detail, according to the company's president, Joe Guiliano. Any creative, gourmet chocolate treat that boasts a distintive shape (like the hand-painted tiles) attracts chocolate lovers in Japan--or so it seems.
A few years ago, the Christopher Norman chocolatiers were invited to show at the Salon du Chocolat in Tokyo. "The Japanese like our chocolates," points out Guiliano, who adds that he was currently working on an order of 1,000 of their chocolate Cappuccino Cups for them. These gems are described as follow: "Espresso and Grand Marnier are the flavors for this little latte. A soft, creamy ganache fills the chocolate cups, the boldness of the beans is cut with the sweetness of orange. All topped off by a buttercream."
It's no surprise that that these special artisan chocolates made an impression in Japan--and that they wowed me when I received a batch of the awesome goods. I still recall the taste to this day--about a month away from Easter, a big period for chocolate companies and chocolate lovers who like eggs and bunnies and adore these Cappuccino Cups.
And White Day--January through the end of April--in Japan is a popular period for chocolate with an artists' twist.

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