Friday, August 20, 2010

Special Autumn Horoscope...A Taste of Fall

By The Writing Gourmet

I feel fall. It is coming around the mountain...At Lake Tahoe seasons hit sooner than other regions. One of the aspen trees in the front yard is turning golden and the leaves--like the pine cones that the squirrels are fattening up on--are dropping. At night, my furry children are sneaking under the comforters. This weekend I'm fixing on baking a fish casserole--but I will swim on Sunday afternoon...
I just tried out baking an Old World cheesecake--I'm glad I did. It flopped. If you saw Julie & Julia, the scene where she dropped the stuffed bird on the kitchen floor or when she burnt a stew and had to do a redo? Well, that was me this afternoon. Not fun. I had to give the ancient wonder a New World twist...and just may have to tweak one more time.
On the upside, today my hard work was splashed BIG like a whopping whale on the cover of Complete Woman magazine: Your Special Autumn Horoscope; in Health magazine, Sept. issue (now on the stands) I was interviewed about the fat-burning power of vinegar--I haven't seen it yet, though.
So, it's back to Honeyland... Just thought I'd journal my thoughts on this Friday night, one that I am craving an overdue beach holiday (that the tourists will enjoy next week). Ironically, a beach is two blocks away. Yeah, I must have been a dedicated worker bee in my past life. I should have been a carefree whale. But writing the honey book is close to closing time and I can see the light, like that.
P.S. The whale photo? That's me reading the fall horoscopes that I penned.

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