Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Dish Is...I'm an Author-Phone Psychic

By The Writing Gourmet
The Full Moon cycle is paying us a visit this week (and the first day of autumn) and I'm still retrieving phone calls from people around the globe. On September 1, an article I penned was published in Oracle 20-20 Magazine. Yes, "Confessions of a Phone Psychic" (page 24; on the cover, too) was the first time I came out of the closet of crystal balls, so to speak. And this week I was a guest on "X-Zone" to talk about my second shift as a phone psychic.
More news: I'm done writing the book about honey. My final words were input and the process of proofing is in working bee mode. I am elated as a honey bee on its fave flower. And, beeswax furniture polish and honey lovers' candy landed on my doorstep. Not to forget the honey varietals--one from the Islands is arrived today--I'm still tasting and receiving. (Healthy chocolate is paying me a visit on Wednesday!) And that's not all...
Come October 15 the honey bee book will fly to New York and I will begin to nest in the sierra. Read: The wood is stacked; the flannel sheets and shirts are working; winterizing the cabin is in the works; swimming at the resort pool (off season heaven) is this week's treat; and maybe even savoring a Lake Tahoe snow flurry (or two) come next month--and make that first crackling fire. What's more, I'll be baking savory nut breads, pies, cookies and scones. (I whipped up a surprise for the Tribune for this week's column.)
The bottom line: Fall is near and I am excited. It's my season--a peace-loving Libra and am sensing positive changes are in the air. That big, bright Full Moon this week should bring out plenty of emotions in women and men on Earth. One more thing. My sensitive black cat Kerouac and two Brittanys and I? We're still sensing that the Pacific Northwest and Northern California--including Tahoe--is in for a cold fall-winter season.

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    Confessions of a Phone Psychic, on the cover
    Page 24...Read about what I do when the phone rings...