Thursday, February 8, 2024

Soulmates with Paws--Pet Approved for the Month of Love


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This one-of-a-kind book includes recognized pet-lovers, such as Betty White, Doris Day, John Steinbeck, Zane Grey and Charles Schulz to memorable pets and their people. Each story and adventure show the virtues of soulmates with paws.

* The global pandemic and climate change resulted in an upsurge of animal adoptions… people were seeking the emotional support and affection that a companion animal can bring.
* Whether it’s ESP, superior senses, feline intuition, or a change in routine, your pet may sense danger, and give you a warning to keep you out of harm’s way!
* Why are homeless pets and their people a timeless phenomenon?
* How exactly do wayward cats and dogs find their way home?

Written from the perspective of a veteran animal writer, gifted storyteller author Cal Orey, shares the best of her nationally published magazine articles. This fascinating gift book dishes out the power of love and loyalty between companion animals and humanity.

Cal Orey combines well-researched expertise, dynamic humor, and honoring the angelic nature of animals by showing their power to heal hearts and minds with unconditional love."
— Allen and Linda Anderson, co-founders of Angel Animals Network

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