Author: Cal Orey
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 978-1-6655-7857-8
Pages: 238
Genre: Non-Fiction / Pets

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Author Interview with Cal Orey

PBR: Your Soulmates with Paws will stand out among pet books. What drew you to write this book?
Years ago, I was first published in “Dog World Magazine.” The first-person profile piece was about my experience using a mobile vet while living in Santa Cruz Mountains. It paved the way for me to write about dogs and the human bond. Later, I began to send my work to cat publications. Then, I spread my wings and wrote about human relationships, science, and health topics, too. I suppose it was my love for canines that led me into becoming a book author.

PBR: What reactions have you received so far from readers?
At first, the non-fiction novel ranked 43 in the Top 100 categories Animal & Pet Care Essays and Action & Adventure Fiction on Amazon. It held its place for weeks like a sled dog on an Alaskan journey.
I forgot how saturated the pet books market can be. Back in 2002 my book 202 Pets’ Peeves was released. It was a spin-off to an article I wrote about why your cat hates you. The piece got one half million views on AOL’s homepage. While book reviews were positive it didn’t end up being a best seller like The Healing Powers of Vinegar, Honey, and Tea. It took Vinegar a few years to find its legs, but it took off big-time! It ignited the nine-book series.

PBR: Among the many published magazine article reprints, blogposts, and contributing material, most notably are your stories interacting with your dog. How did you decide on which stories to publish, and do you have some other special moments you still wish to share?
The collection of my works were selected without over thinking it. I put it together organically. I can tell you that in Book 2, there will be more science fiction-paranormal stories about a girl and her dog based on my real life.
It’s funny, but I recall back in graduate school we had to find a professor to be our first reader for the required thesis. When I pitched my dog and girl trek across America story to him he snickered and said to me: “I’m not interested.” Once I fell into the popular Healing Powers series, I can tell you I included countless tales about me and my dog(s)—on the road and off.

PBR: What are your favorite breeds of dogs that appeal to you, personally?
I used to be a Sporting Dog Group fan. My canine companions were Labrador retrievers and Brittanys. After losing one Brittany, Seth, I had to fill the void for Simon, a Brittany, too, a canine soulmate and myself. So, four months later, I brought home a 10-week-old fluffy Australian shepherd named Skye “protector”. He is our strong healing, Herding dog and brought back balance into the household. Both Simon and my Siamese cat, Zen raised him to be our alpha leader.

PBR: Your comments about telepathic communication between pets and their owners are amazing. Can you kindly elaborate on this?
I believe in supernatural superpowers. In PAWS Book 2, I will share an amazing story including telepathy between a girl and her super smart, sassy, and loyal dog showing the strength of their bond.

PBR: Although rather challenging, we realize, but can you tell us about your favorite pet you ever had (or have) and why is he/she so special?
This is a Sophie’s Choice question. How can I choose between my children? They all have a special place in my heart. Of course, living in the present I will say both of my pets are my soulmates with paws. But in the past, I’d have to say Stone Fox, my handsome black Labrador was a godsend when I was all alone on the road. We hitched and hiked through California; he stood by me on a freeway onramp hitching a ride while we were both shivering in a Colorado blizzard; and we survived together in a Nevada dust storm. He was intelligent and independent. Stone Fox had soulful big, brown eyes, the heart of gold, and he definitely was my soulmate with paws. When he passed, I couldn’t let go. I had to go on a business trip, and I took his box of ashes with me. I put “him” under the bed covers in my cold hotel room. I felt his warm presence. I loved him with my heart and soul.

PBR: What new topics are on your desk for future books?
I’ve been enjoying writing different genres like I did in graduate school which include science fiction, romance, and thrillers. These topics are no stranger to me. Sure, my health-nutrition books stuffed with stories are popular and timeless… but I’ve taken some new, exciting writing trips out of the kitchen and am enjoying the wild (and always include a soulmate with paws like Dorothy with Toto).
For more information: and Soulmates with Paws is available in three formats at online bookstores.