Tuesday, June 16, 2020

COVID-19 DIARY: Doctor, Doctor--I've Got the Pandemic Blues

By Cal Orey

Dear Diary,

I'm jaded. Lockdown fatigue. It's been over a month since I've come to you. I fantasize about booking a trip. Not so fast. If I go to Alaska it's mandatory to take a virus test three days prior and/or enjoy a 14 day quarantine. Today, the CAD-US borders are going to shut for another month. Read: Cabin Fever is high. And I am losing hope.

Face Masks and Bunny Slippers
You know it's bad when receiving two new black face masks and cozy slippers are in the post box -- and you smile. My life as I knew it is gone. No swimming (the pool is closed). No flying off to wherever I go. No hard copy advance copies of my new book -- it will be sent in digital format.  And I woke up at 2:30 A.M. and watched reruns of the world unraveling.

I Am Legend Coming Soon
At the end of June boaters from around the nation will arrive in my home -- a tourist hub. Translation: We are a petri dish and more people will get sick. So, my plan is to prepare like a wildfire is coming or a great earthquake. Note to self: More bottled water, chocolate, tea, pet food, dried fruit, nuts, and grow herbs. 
I will not leave the cabin until it's safe. And after viewing people -- tourists and locals -- without masks and no social distancing it's anything but safe.

Treats for Me and the Dog
On the upside, I did get my teeth cleaned, the pup's teeth cleaned, went to the dermatologist. (I had a pimple under my nose. No, it wasn't cancer. It was a zit from the face mask. I did get antibiotic cream and antibiotics -- this is good in case I get sick from the virus. Better than hydroxy and it makes your skin so smooth. Actually, this med is used for pneumonia so if it gets bad -- I have a little blue pill that may save me. Or not.
What's more, puppy got a bath, nails clipped and me? I finally let go of the hair stylist and found a new one...no grays, pale yellows and my curly locks are back. The canine is happy because I am happy and not going anywhere because travel is not an option -- for now. Cabin fever is driving me seriously crazy. I want to book that Fairbanks trip and go do a book signing. But I do not. 

Lose Belly Fat
CAD Borders Closed
Ironically, the next article topic chosen by my editor is about pudge around the tummy. Good choice. When lockdown began many moons ago in March I lost 10 pounds. Now, it's time to healthy up. So even though I've written about this subject before, a brush up coarse couldn't hurt. And I sense if we go in lockdown two -- it won't matter. The less you eat, the flatter you tummy is. Good to know.

Doctor, Doctor Tell Me the News
In my imagination I want to call my gp and say, "I'm sad. I can't go to Canada." He knew that. I know he knew that when I asked him months ago. I asked, "Will I be able to go north this fall?" His eyes got big (I could see them widen on the computer screen during our quick telemedicine call) and there was silence...

We will be in a second wave during autumn -- I know that. I guess I will get the flu shot despite the fact I never get the flu or shots. God, I'm feeling down. So much toxic energy around the globe. And there is nowhere to escape.

Civil Unrest, Virus(es), Political Chaos
T.V. footage reminds me of the Viet Nam protests and body counts. As a kid, I didn't like social unrest and war, nor do I like it now. So I'm trying to escape. I am painting the front deck. I bought and planted trees. I have been spring cleaning. I have tried to make the cabin full of oasis-like places to get through the insanity of it all. It works, sort of. But I'm too sensitive. Observing everyone fighting, getting sick, dying -- and acting like it's normal. It's crazy. Images of movies where people wait to die haunt me at night and when I wake up and turn on the news. Wonder if there is an anti-pandemic blues pill.  If so, I need it. If not there should be.
The fact remains, it's not over -- and it may not have even started. 

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