Thursday, January 24, 2019

Postponed Canada Trip for Author, Thanks to a Twist of Fate

By Cal Orey

In the fall, I had booked an adventurous trip to Anchorage, Alaska for January 24. I've always wanted to go there; and Barnes and Noble bookstore invited me (again). In 2016, a 100 m.p.h. Alaska superstorm spooked me not to forget the strong winds at Lake Tahoe-Reno, and snowstorm brewing for Salt Lake City. I canceled the bookstore event...

This time around, on November 30, I received a phone call from a friend. "A 7.0 just hit Anchorage!" His words echoed in my mind. 

After all, I survived the 7.1 October 17, 1989 which my cats sensed coming; I even wrote a book about earthquake prediction--before, during, and after. Speaking of after, I get after shocks and anxiety. The bottom line. On December 4, I sent an email to the manager at the bookstore and explained why the timing was off, due to Mother Nature's wrath. Booked in a hotel room on the 16th floor overlooking the water... I wasn't going.  It just seemed tacky to sell my books when people would be anxious and putting or trying to put their lives back in place. And, yes, I do predict shakers. And my forecast for 2019 was lots of aftershocks and indeed they are still happening. 

ONTARIO CANADA--OR NOT?  So, with flight miles saved I booked a flight to Ontario, Canada. Toronto, I visited when I was in my early twenties. Yep, me and my dog hitched and hiked from California to Canada. I felt instead of going back to British Columbia or Alberta or Quebec, it was Ontario. I booked an amazing room with a view of the city, the Great Lakes, and a soaker tub. Then, I purchased a new sweater coat, sweaters, Uggs, and scarves. Layers to warm up during the big chill.
My plan was to pamper myself on the plane, swim in the indoor heated pool, dip into the hot tub, watch movies, order room service, and go to Ripley's Aquarium.  And, of course, I was going to mingle with the Canadians and savor the variety of accents. But things changed.
On the afternoon before leaving, there was an aircraft change--a big change... And being intuitive I saw it as a sign. After mulling over, "Should I go?" and "Should I stay?" I was on the fence. The Aussie was booked to go to the kennel (he didn't know because I didn't tell him this time) and the clock was ticking. I canceled.  But, but, but, a sympathetic supervisor at the airline agreed they dropped the ball; put my flight miles (all of them) in a lock box. So, I will be going soon... before Spring, I predict.

GROUNDED: Day 1: The thing is, I needed a vacay. When your mind is crying out for rest and relaxation (I just finished writing, copy editing, and proofing a 300 page book), it's time to go. So, since I stayed home it hit me. No vacation. No Canada. I was grounded. Little did I anticipate a wave of the blues to hit me. The first day, I stayed in bed with the happy dog and happy cat, I binged on Lifetime movies; sort of felt heartbroken. I didn't shower. I had my sibling buy tons of fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts, dried fruit, Greek yogurt and gelato, and water for me. It was time to eat good food, cook, and bake. 
Day 2: So, I got out of bed,  changed the sheets, and bought my monthly pass to the resort pool.  While I cleaned the cabin a lot before my trip that fizzled, I was still on a mission to get my ducks in a row and continue to dust, declutter, and keep it warm and cozy (I even cleaned the fireplace despite there was little snow to shovel).
Day 3:  Swimming and a soak in the hot tub felt right. Getting pup's nails trimmed felt right. My hair was already highlighted for the trip that tanked. I even wore the new sweater coat but the Tahoe temperature spiked and it was almost too warm. I missed Canada more than you know.

So, my forecast is within a week or two I will book a trip that should have been; most likely Ontario will be the destination. I did learn after this experience that feeling down after a canceled trip is normal. One website offered advice: Get drunk, I don't drink. Tip two? Reschedule ASAP so you have something to look forward to. Check. And so life goes on.  
One more thing. I do believe in karma and sixth sense. The vibe was wrong. Ironically, last night my Siamese kitty cruised on the bookcase making his way to me and he knocked over one framed picture, only one (it was Ontario, Canada). Yeah, I believe in signs. He purred me to sleep. I guess we are where we are supposed to be, huh?

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  1. Amusing. Sorry. You will book another trip