Wednesday, February 7, 2018

TEA TIME: Ask the Healing Powers Series Author A Question!

By Cal Orey

"Tea takes me to a place I love."
--The Healing Powers of Tea
Victoria, July 2017

Question: So, what inspired you to begin this tea book adventure? 
Answer:  Tea has provided me with balance–it continues to nourish my mind, body, and spirit. Versatile tea is like a dear family member–it’s a constant. Tea–many types–are my friends and relaxes me during ups and downs in life. I cannot imagine my world or travels without it. Tea takes me to a place I love.

Both The Healing Powers of Tea and The Healing Powers of Honey will be carried by the Fairmont Hotel tearoom/gift shop in Victoria, B.C., Canada.  Plenty of stories about teas and tisanes in both HONEY and TEA books... and more to come in the forthcoming #7 Healing Powers series book.

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