Friday, April 7, 2017

Woman's Best Friend Can Cure the Mind and Body

8 Things Woman's Best Friend Can Cure

America loves dogs. And dog and cat lovers will tell you canine and feline companions are affectionate, smart, and loyal. Here’s the lowdown on how caring for a dog and cat can be one of the healing things you do for yourself—and your health. 

In my Healing Powers Series, tales and tails of both dogs and cats are noted. Throughout the decades of my life, not only vinegar, olive oil, chocolate, honey, coffee, and tea have played a role-- but so have woman's best friend. Animal companions are like superfoods and can add to a healthy lifestyle. Read on--and see just what they do to keep our mind and body happy!

They Help Us Relax. Researchers say dogs and cats can help reduce anxiety and stress by providing “the relaxation response”—in other words, a physiological state of deep rest.

Fighting Heart Disease. Canines and felines can help us slow down. In doing so, blood pressure is reduced, which in turn, lowers one’s risk of heart attack or stroke.

Boosting Immune System.  Devoted dogs and cats can have a positive effect on the immune system by lowering stress hormone levels and raising antibodies that fight off disease.

Conquering Loneliness. Not only do dogs and cats keep us calm and healthy, dog-human relationships seem to lessen the health-damaging effect of being alone.

Staying Active and Happy. Dog walking and playing with a cat
is also great physical activity for you and your best friend; getting regular exercise helps provide feel-good endorphins.

Opening up Communication. Having a four-legged friend around when people visit makes socializing much easier and helps create a friendly atmosphere.

Extending Longevity. People who live a long and happy life know about feeling needed—and how a canine and/or feline companion keeps them going. One of each can give humans the best of both worlds.

A Friend for Life. A constant relationship with a beloved pooch or purring kitty is fulfilling and good for your heart and soul, too.

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