Thursday, September 17, 2015

Anticipation of Fall Events

By Cal Orey

Good afternoon. This morning I got up earlier than later to get back into my morning swims at a resort pool. After a cup of Joe, dogs fed and needs tended to, sweats and suit on, en route to my destination I'm awake. The reward is bliss. But despite my swim and hot tub activity, I'm a bit sleepy. The nights at Lake Tahoe are getting chilly, windows closed, heater kicks on, flannel sheets are on, and it was a two dog and one cat night and tea. But I'm loving it...

Fall is Near: Yes, it's a few more days and autumn will be official. I almost baked apple cranberry muffins but no cinnamon. The idea to use cinnamon tea crossed my mind but I decided a store run is in the cards. Still tired...I got five or six hours of sleep. And, of course, a radio program was on my brain during the seasonal transition. I was a guest on the Michelle Dawn Mooney Midday 1450 AM in Atlantic City. (I need a cat nap.) 
High Tea in Vancouver is my bliss
The questions were great. In fact, the 15 minute spot ended up to be about 30 minutes, give or 
take. We dished on the Healing Powers series--vinegar, coffee, chocolate, and honey since it's National Honey Month. We did not talk olive oil--I did bring it to the table--but everything else (from my honey bubble bath to trip to B.C. next month). It was fun. I had fun. I believe the listeners were entertained by my Debra Winger raspy "soothing" voice, off the cuff remarks, and animated surprise remarks.

The Change: Sensitives like me, can feel the seasons change more than humans who aren't so touchy. I can feel the change in the air, see the pine needles on the ground, color of leaves are turning yellow, squirrels are busy, companion animals affectionate for warmth, and the absence of tourists is all about. Sadly, the drought is too visible as the sand on the beaches show too much ground, not enough water. 
My oasis off season
And enter El Nino. I did write up a story on this event as well as the California Firestorm. My editor decided to go with the latter first which makes sense. Life in the Golden State always promises Mother Nature's surprises--and this upcoming season should be no different. I need tea. 
Awake in Seattle Come October
And if the wildfires in Northern California weren't enough drama, the poor air quality added fuel to the events. Worse, a great earthquake hit Chile yesterday afternoon (right after I did a Google search about being in a high rise hotel and tsunamis); upgraded to 8.4, tsunami advisories were put into action for Chile, Hawaii, and parts of California. No major waves for our states but some flooding for Chile did happen. It could have been more of a disaster than it was; not to play down the outcome.

Next week it's back to the dentist to finish the chipped back molar, get the roots zapped, send off taxes, finish fall cleaning, and prepare for the departure to Canada. I love going. I love being there. But the twists and turns to do it is a lot of work. Note to self: Print out itineraries.
And so it goes... How do I break the news to the dogs? Mommy is going to catch a jet plane and go to the Canadian Coffee and Tea Show--silence. Woof.

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