Saturday, May 23, 2015

Hello Memorial Day Weekend, The Invaders Are Here

By Cal Orey

Today is Saturday, the first day of the three day holiday weekend. Living at Lake Tahoe reclusive locals, like myself, are spoiled during the weekdays and off season. During these times the resort swimming pool/hot tub is quiet, casinos are empty, grocery stores are vacant, our movie theater is full of empty chairs, and walking the dogs is easy breezy--no surprise attacks from wayward tourists' off leash canines. But the next few days, no such luck.  I predicted and planned for the upheaval. 
As a sensitive intuitive I knew the quiet neighborhood would be a bit more busy--nothing like Fourth of July--but a distraction. Why do neighbors turn on flood lights? Is it to keep the bears or burglars out of the way? I think it would make it easier for these creatures to find the path to treasures.
I recall years ago a friend of mine who lived in Santa Cruz and strongly complained about roller skating with her dog during tourist season. I get it now.  Other dogs would distract to canine and the potential fall for her took the fun out of it all. 
Tourists with their off leash dogs and carefree, upbeat attitude bring a busy buzz that just isn't calming. On the upside, after 15 years, I know how to deal with the challenges...
1) Go to the grocery store and stock up as you would before a natural disaster
2) Stay clear from the swimming pool (this is a pesky one; I love my swims)
At a book signing, in cafe after signing books, 
dishing on superfoods

Down to 1 "replacement" pleco--but happy fish

If working on a book, work a lot before the invaders land--be ahead so if a day off is a must due to the noise factor--no worries. Take a holiday and go with the flow. Live in the moment like the dogs and cat...enjoy cooking, baking, cleaning and getting ready to go back to peace and quiet in a few days. Know that this too shall pass. 

I, too, have been a tourist but I am sensitive and quiet (well, the time we took the dog and allowed him to swim in the hotel pool; and he barked at every door closing). Mantra: Tuesday. The flood lights are bothersome. I didn't want to go off the hill, so rather than install black out curtains for the blinds, I tried putting artsy prints and tall plants around/in the window sills. It may work. Or not. Seventy percent. It looked like a jungle.

I was a tourist, too

Note to self: Get black out curtains before summer arrive for sanity's sake. 

The vacation-business trips I took in March and September? No need to wait till I am an old woman to remember the good times during the bad times of flood light horrors... Turn off the light, please. The bears were here first. Savoring the photos around the cabin to pass the time... and wish I was a tourist, anywhere but here with light all around me.

Speaking of light, the season of summer is nearing and I feel it. The good thing, the season is short in the mountains and then autumn arrives--my favorite time of year. Fantasies of returning to Canada (Ontario, perhaps) or somewhere northbound are on my mind.  For now, it's time to chill and face warmer days, more tourists until the town is quiet and goes back to its normalcy and quietude. UPDATE: Fell asleep after working so hard to cover the windows...felt like Al Pacino's character in Alaska-based "Insomnia." Changed mantra: Black out shades ASAP. Done.

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