Friday, October 31, 2014

California #Author-Intuitive Sees Seattle-B.C.

By Cal Orey

As an author-intuitive I believe in signs, whether it be a dream, gut instinct or image. Last week when I was booked at the Seattle/Bellevue Barnes and Noble bookstore for a reading/signing of my forthcoming book The Healing Powers of Olive Oil, Revised and Updated (and other Healing Powers Series books), I sensed it was a cue to prepare an itinerary to go farther north into Canada. And that is what I'm in the middle of doing.
Challenging to plan trip when
getting over cold-
contemplating flu shot

One night, one day in Seattle

IT IS SEATTLE TO VANCOUVER, B.C... Today, on Halloween, the days of spooky spirits, I woke up early, thanks to my early rising fur kids, and realized: "I'll only have a few long days in Vancouver! Not enough." So, I called the airline people and added one more day. While holding on the phone for the switch a catchy song played:  "Best Day of My Life" -- it was a message to me that I was meant to extend this business-vacation trip for another day. And I did just that. 
Vancouver Sky Train is for me

After the Bellevue book signing on January 10, 2015 it will be early evening. It may be worth it to check out of the nearby hotel near downtown Seattle and take an Amtrak night train ride to Canada.  It sounds romantic, sort of. This way, I can savor Vancouver for three whole days--Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. Come Wednesday I can take an afternoon delight train back to Seattle and do the city for the night--Pike Place Market as I visited in 2006 after the downtown Barnes and Noble signing with geologist Jim Berkland. Then, it's up early to catch an early flight back to Northern California, my native home.

As noted in my last blog post, I nixed the B.C. ferry winter ride due to potential rough air and choppy water to avoid "Sea Sick City" and stay warm and healthy. Instead, experiencing sub-Mediterranean climate in Vancouver without rushing to get to a chilly island via water seems right for me right now.  But Vancouver Aquarium is a must-see for me--since the first time I went wasn't long enough. 
Used to writr for Tropical Fish Hobbyist
Definitely I will revisit VA

A visit to Stanley Park, making my way to Commercial Drive with its shops and restaurants, checking out Chinatown and Gastown, to hitting Davie and Denman streets are all on my excitement list.  Coffee, gourmet chocolate, and food--fresh and Mediterranean eats are not to be ignored.
More B.C. streets to walk

NOT AS FOREIGN AS QUEBEC CITY... Ironically, another signal came to me in September while en route to Quebec. When I got off the plane from Salt Lake City to Atlanta, I realized in the airport I left something important on the plane. "I left my books behind: The guides on French Sayings and Montreal/Quebec City Sites" are gone." At first I felt I was lost. But it was meant to be. So, I winged speaking French and followed my animal-like sixth sense for finding sites rather than using a structured plan or tour guide.

This time around in Canada, ideas of where to go and what to see will suffice, too. I do like excitement of getting off the grid (takes me back to when I was young and hitchhiking across America and through Canada) in a foreign city. I'm sensing that crossing the border via Amtrak will be a cake walk in contrast to the dealing with the mean-spirited French Canadian Customs Agent who grilled me, the California girl. Note to self: Find something spontaneous to do to add the wow factor to this PNW trip.  

Dec. 2 is Skye's 2nd B-Day;
Groundhog Day is when we met
He was 12 lbs. vs 50 lbs.

LAKE TAHOE, AUTUMN TO WINTER... And this weekend we fall back and turn our clocks back, while tomorrow is November 1 and a new month greets us. That means there's less than two and a half months before my departure to the Pacific Northwest. So far, two more Barnes and Noble book signings--one in Sacramento mid-November and the other in Reno, a week before Seattle--will proceed the trip to Seattle/Canada.
It's time to chill, enjoy autumn at Lake Tahoe: A first snowfall promised tonight, fire in the fireplace, going back to my swims at the resort pool, and promoting the upcoming release of OLIVE OIL and its counterparts (Vinegar, Chocolate, Honey, and Coffee) for the holiday season. Canada and novelty will be there for me in January, the first month of 2015. I see some weather challenges and lots of adventure en route and throughout the trip. 

UPDATE: I did go to Seattle/Canada twice after this post. Most likely in the upcoming months I will return to British Columbia and go to Victoria.


  1. While I have never been to Quebec or Vancouver, I visited Niagara Falls on the Canadian side when i was about 6 or 7 years old with my parents. I would love to go back there someday and visit other parts of Canada too. Your newest book about the healing powers of olive oil, revised and updated, sounds amazing! I will definitely need to put it on my book list of must haves. Have fun on your upcoming trips!

  2. Ty so much alli for the kind words. I, too, have been to Niagra Falls...and Quebec in my 20s. I am so happy re-visiting these places. Yesterday a friend told me she saw happy side to me she never saw before. I adore Canada--and Seattle, too. I will continue to post my travels with my books.