Sunday, September 14, 2014

Author Anticipating Road Trip--Edgy and Excited

By Cal Orey

Yes, I'll be passing out the new
cover of my olive oil book while
en route
So, the time is nearing for me to relive the past. Funny, I took my blood pressure this a.m. 122/70 but I'm still feeling anxious. Going out of a comfort zone, leaving my fur kids, and returning to a foreign place is spooky like Dorothy going to Oz without Toto. I wish I could take my Brittany or Aussie or calming kitty Zen. But that's not in the plan... 
Seismically sensitive Simon senses
change and has attitude

Fun-loving Skye doesn't know the plan

Ironically, as I snuggle up to my three kids I'm hearing the sound of a plane at Tahoe. Actually, planes fly in and out often to this small mountain town. Now, it's my turn to go but instead of rural I'm going back to the city. I'm sensing my heart will connect with Quebec City which promises more of a rural, earthy feel to it. And the train ride I've got booked? It's so strange. But I've experienced this recurring dream for years where I'm doing just this...on a train, trees, northeast. It's a sign and I've toyed with fate to bring this image to fruition. 
My goal, a vow I made decades ago

Yesterday when I called the airline to finalize plans I was told that people fly every day. Nobody is nervous. What planet is that rep from, anyhow? He needs to watch "French Kiss" or "Cast Away"... I read 40 percent of people who fly have some sort of anxiety. It's normal. The way I see it, I will pretend I'm in the dentist chair, having a procedure done, and take myself to that Zen Zone (God, I wish I could take my cat!)

So, there is still time to get my ducks and dogs in order. Filling out the kennel papers is tedious but I must be thorough. I was going to pack too much. I read whatever you pack--cut in half. So back to the suitcase(s). When I was 21, I had so little and felt so secure. I want to be that hippie girl. I'm talking jeans, t-shirts,  bare essentials. I want to take my canine companion(s) and I admit I am a bit gun-shy to travel alone nearly 6000 miles. 

Flashback from the Past
As an intuitive I often sense if someone has a fear it comes from the past. Today, I am getting flashbacks of my hitchhiking travels from yesteryear. While I was young, carefree, and happy--sometimes not so happy things did happen. One night I found myself in Lexington, Kentucky. I ended up at a hotel parking lot. My eyes fixed on a black truck with an open bed. Assuming the owner was spending the night at the hotel, I placed my knapsack (full of my worldly possessions, like peanut butter and a pair of jeans) and sleeping bag into it. The thought was, "I'll go wash up (sneak me and my best friend into the hotel bathroom) and come back out clean, sleep under the stars. If lucky I could get a ride northbound in the morning." 
Once back in the parking lot I didn't see the truck. At first I thought I wasn't looking at the right parking spot--but then it was an easy read. The vehicle was gone. I was left with the clothes on my back and dear companion--my black Lab.  I felt lost in the middle of the U.S.--until it hit me that's all that mattered. If my dog was AWOL I'd be crushed. We had each other. We traveled on through the night. We were okay.

Trying to toy with destiny, the flight plan from hell has been changed for better or worse--if  Hurricane "Ed" doesn't strike off the Atlantic coast.  (Yes, I did consider this but I chose the risk over flying in a CRJ900 amid dark skies.) No need to stress over making a 31 minute plane connection in 15 minutes. But getting up early is the penance. Layovers?  By the time I return I should have a French accent with a tad of the Deep South drawal. It's time to get a grip on reality now in the 21st century.  I've flown before. Hawaii, Seattle, Los Angeles, BC, S.F.--and I hitchhiked across America, Canada, and south of the border to Mexico. Note to self: Stop analyzing. Feel life. Just go. It's time to face my fears, one by one.  But if I could have a do over I'd take one of my fur boys-a Sophie's Choice moment.  But this time around on the road I'm on my own. 

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