Monday, March 10, 2014

Author-Intuitive Forecasted Strong Calif. Shaker

By Cal Orey
My dog acted  clingy before 6.9 NorCal

Yesterday, I promised my two dogs that on Sunday, the first day of Daylight Savings, they'd have a fun dog day afternoon. And that they did. I'm talking long, long, long walk on trails; another romp at the park-beach; and back home for Frisbee and treadmill. I'm whooped and both senior and pup are dog-tired. It was a good pre-off season day at Lake Tahoe.

This morning I viewed the film The Impossible. It brought me back to 2005 when I penned The Man Who Predicts Earthquakes...covered The Big Wave (based on the December 26 2004 Indian Ocean Quake-Tsunami) and peoples' tales of survival. The movie was compelling. Since then, I do not like living so close to the deep, cold Lake. History tells it that we, too, had a seiche (big waves that were destructive on the West Shore) years ago and it could happen again after a powerful earthquake (we live near three fault lines). I spoke of this happening yesterday afternoon. Nobody believes me and tag me Debbie Downer. 
The lake could create a seiche after a quake

Ironically, I love, love water. I love swimming, am a devout swimmer, adored a hot tub (early in the morning at a resort pool), and even listening to the soothing sound of water pumps on my fish aquarium and watching new, healthy fish swim--and I will not give up my waterbed. But I don't like Mother Nature's wrath. Speaking of violence...

Last night Offshore NorCal rocked and rolled with a strong 6.9 earthquake. I forecasted a major (7.0+) quake would hit this region in 2014. It was felt throughout Northern CA and OR...No wonder my Brittany Simon was acting clingy for the past few days...anxiety/headache for me. We are earthquake sensitives as seen in MSNBC's article about us and others.
See Tahoe to the right,
folks felt the Earth move here, too! So I believe
my dog sensed the oncoming quake
My 2014 Earth Predictions article includes major eq for
Offshore NorCal

A Mixed Bag of Predictions for 2014
1. Earthquakes
* At least one major shaker is likely on the West Coast, including Alaska, Washington, on and Offshore Northern California, the San Francisco Bay Area and/or Greater Los Angeles as likely areas to rock.
(excerpt Earth Changes article Oracle 20/20 Magazine, January 2014 issue)

B-Day March 21, Aries, 5 yrs young; not sure 
he is seismically sensitive like my former
black cat Kerouac (vocal/paced before CA quakes)
On a lighter note, it's time to shake things up in the kitchen. This week it's Tea Scones for Saint Patrick's Day, and a special write up for Callie's Cabin What's Cookin' column. Tea scones won me over instead of green cupcakes or a double layer chocolate cake with shamrocks. This time around, I'm going to use different flour, different ingredients, and different teas--a staple in Ireland, a place where writers are respected. That reddish meat and cabbage doesn't sing out to me, but potatoes and carrots do. Lack of sleep is another story.

Getting used to Daylight Savings Switch. Not fun. Stayed up to 1 AM. Skyler pup, my one year old canine with boundless energy woke me up at 5 AM. Doesn't it work on dogs. No extra sleep here. Tuesday morning I will swim and try and get back into the swing of it all. I prefer longer nights, shorter days. It's more fun to play in the house during winter. But the word is, winter forgot Lake Tahoe. Still there is hope. Come fall/early winter 2014 El Nino may pay our Golden State a visit and remedy our drought. Meanwhile, the sun shines, it rained this morning--I'm sleep deprived despite the cup of java. Catnap time with Zen, the laid-back Siamese who gets going with the flow.

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