Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Skyler's Scoop: My Aussie"Pup" is Awesome

By Cal Orey

Wow!  Skyler is no longer the 12 pound puppy that greeted me on February 2, Groundhog Day. He is now most likely 40 plus pounds and still growing! And yes, he does have soulful hazel eyes! Confirmed.
This Aussie's temperament is oh-so sweet and lovable with a capital L. He adores kids, women, and dog men. He's loyal and protective.  And did I say smart? He sits, shakes, lies down, rolls over, kisses, gives bear hugs, cuddles kitty, and allows Simon to remain Alpha dog. Oh, and you, my fearless Sag, can sense oncoming thunder storms before we get the warnings on TV! And you're not spooked!
I've been a Sporting Dog girl for years; Labs to Brittanys. And it was fate that led me to this Herding breed. True, I wrote about Aussies for Fancy Publications. Perhaps it was a sign for my future. But here we are. 
Looking at Skye's puppy pictures I realize that I'm at a loss for words. My baby boy is growing up into a handsome dog. 
P.S. Skye: This fall we're going to do some cool obstacle course romping at special spots I've spotted; swimming in the Lake when the tourists go home. And wintertime? Ah, baby boy...You will love the snow and fires I'll make for you and Simon. You are meeting my expectations and beyond. You're a godsend. Will you shovel snow with me? I'm sure you'll dig us out! You're my amazing Type A sidekick. Skyler, your energy and passion for life is welcome every day. I couldn't have chosen a better canine. I've fallen in love with you. And this moment I have happy tears!
P.S. Please let mom sleep in until 6:00 AM tomorrow?


  1. Your love for Skyler can really be felt through your words and is just so endearing ... Skyler, you are GORGEOUS ...