Thursday, May 16, 2013

Puppy Love in the Spring

Falling in Love with My Green-Eyed Aussie 
by Cal Orey

It is mid May and Spring Fever at Lake Tahoe has hit me. I admit it. I am falling in love with my healing Aussie Skyler...
Born on December 1, in my arms on Groundhog Day, I'm looking at a 5 1/2 month old, 26 pound (give or take one or two) blue merle Australian Shepherd with hazel eyes (green-gold). And I adore him.
It's difficult to imagine that one day he will be more than half my size. At the resort pool this week I weighed in at 116. It's been many decades ago since I've had a larger breed; for 20 years I've been a Brittany girl. But I've done Labs so I can do Aussies.
Skye is Type-A like me: If I don't keep his mind and body stimulated he gets restless and bored. I get him. He has 25 toys but it doesn't seem to be enough. A treadmill is waiting for him (more months until his body develops), and an obstacle course in the dog run are on my To-Do list. Long walks with my Brittany are keeping us all lean and happy. And, of course, there is Zen, my Siamese-mix cat.
Kitty is dog-savvy. He now walks in s-l-o-w motion to avoid being herded day and night. But Skyler has won the cat; affection with politics--he licks his ears and head at night and passionately embraces him with his over-sized Saint Bernard-type paws.
So, did we get through the pesky puppy stage? Uh, for the most part. These days, I get six-seven hours of sleep. The dog box is only used when I go swimming/store... He's learning multiple commands and getting more of a free run throughout my home. He can spell relax and puppy. In fact, he sleeps as I write this blog post. 
Thank you Skyler. You are helping me to heal a broken heart from November 23, when I lost my Brittany 2, Sethie. He would have loved you...You have brought light and energy back into our lives. And you're growing up to be a handsome boy. You, my working canine friend, have done your job. Good dog!


  1. What a great pic. Really loving the ocean background, your huge smile from ear to ear, and hey, really digging the ripped jeans. As for your Skyler... gorgeous. He even looks like he just had a bath and smells delicious :)

    He can even spell relax? So, not only is he gorgeous but brilliant to boot! I'd give anything to see him spell :)

  2. Ty so much for the kind words. It's Lake Tahoe. I will post another pic to show you more!

    1. I came back and just saw your second picture here... Callie, wow!

      I just love the entire format of it all... the ever so calming blues in the background, the lines of the wood fence, the crisp green of the grass with the touch of yellow flowers and just that one, stand alone white, and even the grey cement... and then... You and Skyler.. Absolutely Gorgeous!

      We, the viewers, can really appreciate his colors, markings, in this picture. An artist could not paint him more beautiful than he is.

      Whoever took this picture of you and Skyler gets an A from me :) I love this picture so much, I would proudly frame it and showcase it on my wall!

  3. I've been following your posts and I am loving Skyler!
    It's truly heartbreaking to loose a dog. I know from my own experiences. Good boy Skyler for helping your mom to get better.