Friday, April 12, 2013

Skyler's Scoop: The Real Poop on Puppy Power

My Puppy is Growing Up
The Writing Gourmet

This AM I discovered my beloved Aussie Skye is morphing into a canine! Remember the "dog box"? Well, at 4 1/2+ months my pup is beginning to rebel. We have compromised. At night, when I turn off the lights he will sleep in his home for about four-five hours till he barks, "I have to go do my thing!" And outside we go.
Then, it's time (from 3-4 AM) to crawl into bed with mom, Simon, my senior Brittany, and Zen, the 3 year old Siamese fearless kitty.
Today, I was in a deep sleep and forgot that my new addition was part of the pack on the bed. Suddenly, I woke up thinking, "Uh, oh, where is he?" No worries. He was asleep on his back to the right of me, kitty to the left, and Simon at my feet. And that's not all...

The Dog Tooth Fairy has been here more than once. I never have watched a pup's teeth fall out and adult teeth erupt, one by one. Read: I have too much spare time. But this time around I have been doing just that. I was impatient with an incisor but no problem. It's coming in nicely! He is wagging his tail-less bum. But note, my hands do look like I have the some sort of spot disorder because of his teething. Yes, Skyler has toys--20 something of squeaky balls, bones, rope gadgets, and, of course, an assortment of my socks. I tried a new tactic to nip his nips in the bud. I scream out loud, "OUCH!" It works, sort of. But I lost my voice yesterday. 

So, all of Skye's puppy shots are done! That means, it has been socializing time. Last weekend I took my blue merle puppy to a busy outdoor shopping mall and we met  people, all ages, all genders. He rubbed paws with elbows and passed with flying Aussie colors. True, he's not an in-your-face Britt, but for a somewhat aloof to strangers breed he did very well. Good dog! And he did get into all of the attention--as did Simon--as well as the long walk.

Brown-Eyed Boy. NOT! I admit that I asked vets, vet techs, psychics, breeders, and friends: "What color will my boy's eyes be?" The consensus was amber. A few folks said brown. But the update is: Hazel! He is holding awesome Aussie hazel eyes with a bit of marbled gray in the left eye. And that works for me. 
But now, my next concern is: How much will puppy weigh as an adult? Every single human I meet look down at my pup's Saint Bernard-sized paws and mumble, "He's going to be BIG" and "He's going to protect you."  I feel like I'm living with cute lizard that may turn into an alligator... So for now, I will still pick up puppy (23.5 pounds; if he hits 60 he will be more than half my size) and enjoy my bundle of fluff a bit longer because he is growing up.

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