Saturday, November 24, 2012

Author-Intuitive's Seismically Sensitive Dog Dies

Author-Intuitive's Seismically Sensitive Dog Enters Heaven

It happened like a quake out of nowhere. It hit today. My dog Seth, 6, had a terrible relapse. It was so graphic that I'll have nightmares forever. He was diagnosed with neuropathy (brain) issues. Really bad. Balance GONE. Personality GONE.

Ironically, on my birthday he sensed something was wrong. He was very, very clingy. I predicted a quake but he was sensing his own demise. 

I am so hurt, so sad...but I know I did the right thing. Images of dog scenes in Marley & Me and I Am Legend haunt me.  I acted humanely for my best friend. The prognosis was grave. 

This loss is going to be a huge challenge for me. I'd rather be in a great quake (me) than deal with this void in my life. 

Never give a dog your heart. I will always love Seth. (Another weird coincidence. While on a book tour in Los Angeles, I named him after the fallen angel in City of Angels and we all know how that love story ended.) 

I am devastated. I am shocked. I am hurting. I miss my boy Seth. We had an incredible human-canine bond. Six years is not long enough.  I am entering a life without my beloved dog whom joined me at 6 weeks old. And the tears won't stop, nor will the ache in my heart. 

P.S. I LOVE YOU. Dear Sethie, I miss you baby boy. Please forgive me. I helped you to go to the other side to avoid any more suffering. I tried to be strong, as you did. I am so sorry, puppy. I will never forget the night you placed your paw on my arm. We tried to be strong together. But the monsters won. I know they scared you. Good boy. You are such a good dog. You did a good job. You did your best. I will always love you. I miss you and your gentle paws so do Simon and Zen. You gave us balance.  I hope there are dogs and birds for you puppy in dog heaven.


  1. I want the reconnect dream with my Seth. Last night, as predicted, I had nightmares. I saw my baby boys head go down. Gone. Then, another image of people trying to kill me. In dream decoding that means that an important relationship was severed.

    This is so hard. I am shell shocked. True, I sensed while he was almost back that maybe it wasn't over--like a great quake. I'm so hurt. So sad. Usually, a new companion animal helps to fill the void...

    When the time is right...a Brittany puppy will bring life and happiness into the household. I sense Zen and Simon will be energized and there will be balance again. We all loved Seth...

    I can't help but think of City of Angels (Seth) and how Maggie went to heaven... It's too strange. Why do the good die young? It's not fair.

  2. This AM got the first reconnect dream. Sethie was sitting, looking happy and healthy. (People who share stronger bonds with their companion animals have these dreams within 3 weeks of passing.) I miss my boy--so much. Time to nurture his best dog pal Simon. And Zen is helping me to heal...Trying to process the traumatic event.