Monday, February 14, 2011

Chocolate With A Heart: Unforgettable Chocolatiers

By Cal Orey,
The Writing Gourmet
Welcome to February and American Heart Health month. During last year this time, as a solo adult I embraced chocolate like an excited kid by savoring heart healthy dark chocolates from the West Coast, Midwest, and East Coast. It was a love affair with chocolate.

* Christopher Norman Chocolates: Chocolatier John Down's whimsical creations arrived on my doorstop. I loved the petit fours: hand-painted pastries that include dark chocolate and strawberry.

* Romanicos: Another gourmet chocolate company, in Florida, made me smile on Valentine's Day. In February, living in a region with snow-covered ground, it was great to taste the dark chocolate truffles packages in an attractive red box. I loved the Floridian orange flavored gems with distinct notes of the sweet citrus ffruit.

*Christopher Elbow: Two days after Valentine's Day, I received a box of Christopher Elbow chocolates: a 16-piece selection in a sophisticated white box with an earth colored brown ribbon. Chirstopher Elbow is one of the most popular chocoaltiers, praised for his enticing, eye-catching, and beautiful pieces mde from the best chocolate and ingredients.

So, this Valentine's Day I was welcomed with a UPS box on my doorstep. When I opened it up, a white box with a red ribboned bow greeted me. As I took out the gift my eyes feasted on a heart-shaped edible chocolate box filled with several dark chocolates. This experience is so much more exciting than bringing home a bag of chocolate from the grocery store. It's unforgettable to receive a box of chocolates with a special flair.
Thank you Enjou Chocolat, I feel special today and I owe it to you, chocolate, and the Westminster Dog Show coming tonight along with an overdue snowstorm on its way at Lake Tahoe. It will be a two dog-one cat night, with a crackling fire, hot cocoa, and a few chocolates to savor. And, now after the snow arrived, I'm dreaming of baking a decadent Italian dark chocolate cake to boost my spirits during the snowed-in time.

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