Wednesday, September 2, 2009

CONTEST: So, What's the Healthiest Pie to Live For, Anyhow?

By Cal Orey, The Writing Gourmet

Eat, drink, and be merry,
for tomorrow we may diet.

Uh oh. Disaster hits! You're stuck inside the house due to a hurricane warning. Swine flu has got you down and out. Or a quake hits and you're trapped and waiting to be rescued. Here's the deal. You've got bottled water--all you need. And you can choose one type of sweet pie (a dessert kind, no chicken or beef pot pies, sorry) to be your savior till you get out of this mess. What's your choice?...
Apple? Berry? Chocolate? Custard? Pecan? Pumpkin? Sweet Potato? Remember, there are dozens and dozens of tasty pies. Choose one. Warning: The answer can be tricky because pies do contain lots of good for you ingredients. And some are healthier than others.
Whoever chooses the most nutritious pie to get you through this hypothetical plight and provides the best argument (feel free to give your reason(s) why you believe it is the most nutritious) will win a free copy of one of my books: The Healing Powers of Chocolate, The Healing Powers of Vinegar, or The Healing Powers of Olive Oil. Good luck!
[*Amazing List of Pies and More Dessert Pies to Help You. Remember, only the dessert kinds!]


  1. apple, berry and pumpkin are can I check all those?
    hmmm the way mom made them. we use to go out and hand pick wild blueberries as the power company use to plant them under the power lines as they would not grow high and get into the wire there.
    funny one day on TV I believe I saw Martha Stewart out doing the same.
    just do not know if it was in Maine or Mass. we use to hit a area that was partially like a swamp. they grew large there and tasty too. delicious hot pie with a good vanilla ice creme on it.
    we had a green mackintosh apple tree and it made some delicious pies too.
    blueberry was my choice as the healthiest pie to live for. there have been several stories or discussions why blueberries are good for your health.

  2. No doubt, blueberries contain lots and lots of good compounds. Imagine though, that's the only kind of pie you can eat for hours, days... I'm still trying to decide which kind I'd choose.

  3. Rhubarb, because it's rhubarb and that's how many pies per day?

  4. Hey Bob, good choice. Rhubarb boasts excellent medicinal properties; great for weight loss, health, and so much more...Wow! Can anyone top his choice?

  5. Pecan. its super rich so you wouldn't need to eat more than a few pieces a day...and is one of the few choices that has protein, so your muscles won't atrophy (assuming that you are trapped beneath a baby grand piano with only the use of your left arm that is conveniently near said pecan pie (that you sliced ahead of time, and placed near your piano, probably to be used as refreshments for the impromptu recital you were planning) allowing for optimal earthquake emergency pie consumption. plus there's also the sugar buzz that will inevitably make you black out once it's worn off (an added bonus to pass the time until help arrives...)

  6. Two other posters have entered this survival pie contest:

    Fruit and Nut

  7. Grape Pie (grapes are healthy, right?) Doyle's mom makes THE best grape pie in the world. Before eating one of her grape pies, I would never ever have put that on the list. A good fallback would be a mixed berry pie. You can always win me over with one of those! Now, I would starve before I eating a Rhubarb pie.