Saturday, August 15, 2009

My Favorite Breakfast May Shock You

My Favorite Breakfast

By Cal Orey, The Writing Gourmet

Trying a case the second time is like eating yesterday morning's oatmeal.
Lloyd Paul Stryker

During a Barnes and Noble book tour, I remember one time waking up in downtown Seattle at a posh hotel before the lecture/signing. I ordered breakfast. Sure, I could have had anything--French toast to Belgian waffles. But I chose another route. I called in for fresh grapefruit juice, oatmeal with strawberries, brown sugar, low-fat milk, and a cup of coffee...

And this morning, at Lake Tahoe, I turned on the tube to the Hallmark channel: Benji the Hunted (my two Brittanys love to watch the go-getter mutt with a heart of gold). And at the same time, this nature-lover prepared and savored the same hot oatmeal as I enjoyed in Seattle but with a different touch--iron-rich raisins sprinkled with dark chocolate chips. No need for brown sugar. This is so delicious.

Simple is good and good for your health. Yesterday my sibling told me that when he was on the golf course another player got an ER call. His wife had suffered a heart attack. She is only 50. This news is just one more red flag for everyone (at any age) to eat heart healthy foods every day.

So is oatmeal really all that healthy for you? Yeah, it seems like it is. Take a peek at this breakdown of oatmeal nutritional and health benefits. Not only is oatmeal low in fat and cholesterol, but it has other good nutrients, too. Also, when you pair it with fresh seasonal fruit, nuts--or dark chocolate and raisins--it gets better. Is an oatmeal breakfast good? I feel it's as good as it gets. And a glass or bottle of fresh water with sliced lemon is a great way to start off the morning, too...
Later today it's off to the pool (I hope the water isn't too cold, last night was chilly), the dog walk, and I promised my little one, Seth, the 3 year old pooch, we'd take turns on the treadmill and play The Dog Whisperer. Maybe I'll start restocking the pantry for pre-fall. Read: Still waiting on the galley for my book The Healing Powers of Chocolate (Kensington, December 2009). I know it's coming. Ah, this is worse than writer's block!


  1. Read a recent article that both oatmeal and raspberries (high in fiber) are good for your health and longevity. Do you do oatmeal?

  2. Hello! I really like oatmeal with strawberries or honey. I need to eat it for keeping my blood sugar reasonable and I guess my heart(?)
    My older daugher loves oatmeal because when she was very young I called it porridge. So she wanted to eat the same food as the people in the fairy tales. My younger daughter won't touch oatmeal, no matter what we call it!

  3. Hey there, yep, can u imagine ordering this at a hotel? I did. First time I had oatmeal with brown sugar and strawberries. Of course, room service is delightful.