Thursday, December 3, 2009

"Hot" Chocolate Book with an Edgy Twist

By Cal Orey,

The Writing Gourmet

In my brand new book The Healing Powers of Chocolate (following the The Healing Powers of Vinegar and Olive Oil) I show “decadent” and “sinful” are words commonly associated with chocolate, but they no longer apply. Approximately 4000 years ago, in Central America, the Mayan Indians considered cocoa beans “food of the gods” because of its medicinal benefits. Later, it got tagged as a “bad” fatty food. But by the end of the 20th century, a twist of fate turned chocolate back into a health food...

In THE HEALING POWERS OF CHOCOLATE I trace the origin of chocolate, from bean to bar. In creating this reader-friendly book, I, tagged as a health expert and author (who lives near San Francisco, one of the nation’s chocolate hot spots) interviewed America’s top chocolate makers and chocolatiers, nutritionists, medical researchers, and chocolate lovers to find out how this ancient SuperFood can prevent and fight common ailments and diseases.
The result is a lively comprehensive guide to the wide world of quality chocolate, from 70% dark truffles to Italian biscotti baked with extra virgin olive oil, in America and around the globe. With proven data for eating dark chocolate containing cocoa flavanols to reduce heart disease, diabetes, cancer, obesity, and dozens of pesky ailments, this book—with a European twist (I include chapters on both red wine and coffee)—takes you on a magical chocolate tour, complete with wit, charm, and entertaining personal anecdotes from ancient folklore present-day. And that's not all...

I share dozens of edgy chocolate home cures to work for treating acne, anxiety, brain fog, cabin fever, cough, depression, fatigue, and other ailments. Plus, I personally experienced anti-aging treatments—from masks, manicures to bubble baths--made from antioxidant-rich chocolate teamed with natural plant extracts. Incorporating cutting-edge scientific research, plus Mediterranean-style heart-healthy chocolate recipes, from Sicilian Mole to Dark Chocolate Mousse, in THE HEALING POWERS OF CHOCOLATE (click on the link and read a chapter and/or pre-order at your fave online booksellers' site for a holiday discount) I show you exactly why savoring this no longer forbidden food is the 21st century trend.


  1. Today, while swimming I thought this is a good weekend for pampering/pre-winter housecleaning (gathering wood, cleaning the fireplace); pedicure, facial, deep condition hair, etc., and vinegar-chocolate came to mind. At home look what I found--amazon paired the two books. Is that intuition or what?

  2. You have to be the only one I know that writes comment to her own posts.

  3. It gets oh so lonely writing to cyberland. You never know if someone is reading a blog post. Or not. Love to get more comments. Thx for your post, Bob.