Thursday, July 2, 2009

Drink a Little Java (Before the FDA Bans It)

Treat Yourself to a Cup of Java (for your sanity's sake)

By Cal Orey

Actually, this seems to be the basic need of the human heart in nearly every great crisis - a good hot cup of coffee. --Alexander King

This morning I was awakened by a most pesky courtesy phone call from India... Believe it or not, another untimely death in the family has hit my world. But this time around, it wasn't one of my dear fish. My laptop computer has died. Sadly, it is only 7 months old. Yes, I am sad, mad, and fed up. After our hour long chat with the enterprising tech, I have a bit more faith in the new laptop I ordered than the plan to fix the "old" one. It was difficult to fight for my rights (I have a warranty through November) because I had not had my first and only daily cup of gourmet java. Truly, it was task to spar without it. But hey, I'm looking forward to my new, improved black laptop to be delivered on my doorstep. (Not a box of dark chocolate truffles from Ireland but it will make me smile.)

Now that I put the computer issue on the table, let's talk coffee. Once I hung up the telephone, it was a relief to go into the kitchen and brew a fresh cup of French Roast java. I will not skimp on the quality of coffee. No way. After I let my Brittany duo outside, I came back in and savored sip after sip of the best brew topped with whipped cream and a dash of cinnamon. (My computer died!) And yes, coffee can be healthy for you if and if you drink it in moderation. I once wrote in one of those mini mags I penned, that researchers have found drinking two cups of coffee will increase metabolism significantly for at least three hours afterward, according to nutrition studies. And I can personally attest it boosts your mental and physical energy as well as can uplift your spirit.

Then happier, I treated myself to a bowl of homemade granola with organic 2% low-fat milk, and fresh strawberries. This is my second granola batch--it includes peanut butter, chocolate chips, and pecans. (The original recipe made with extra virgin olive oil can be found in The Writing Gourmet archives.) And that's not all...After breakfast I noticed another one of my new fish died. He was floating ontop of the aquarium. (Must be a bad batch. He was nameless. No tears.) Speaking of fish, I just got the swimming pool report for the day. The lifeguards claim they are cold as they are clad in skindiving suits while teaching swimming lessons. Thank goodness for a little good java.

One more thing: I just heard thunder. Uh oh, another loud thunderbolt. I guess there is a God afterall. Read: Not a good day for a swim. It's now raining. Perhaps, another cup of hot java is the perfect prescription for the day.


  1. Do you drink good coffee? If so, please share. Since the recession it's budget-smart to brew your own rather than hit the pricey coffee shops. And if you get the gourmet stuff -- and add organic milk, spices, etc., it's can be a superb treat.

  2. I enjoy reading your posts... Take your java post today. I loved it, brought a real chuckle. There is a small (one of a kind) coffee roasting house in Salinas CA called the Cherry Bean. It's on main street in Old Town. Peter only buys fair trade beans, and some of the best from all over the world, and roast them there in his shop. The smell alone when he is roasting is enough to send me to heaven. As he pulls out the little test chamber with the beans for examination, I get to taste them and decide when they are just right for my taste. . I vacuum pack them and bring a few pounds back to AZ when I come back. Depending on how long I plan to stay away. I still have a home on HWY 68 between Monterey CA and Salinas CA. So I'm not sure where I am staying away from sometimes. But that's a whole different story. Anyway, I love my java and go back to get fresh beans from Peter regularly. I try to get back for a week every month. How's that for java appreciation?