Thursday, May 13, 2010

I Left My Heart--& Fave Chocolate(s)--in San Francisco

By The Writing Gourmet

Here I sit on a Thursday afternoon. Sure, I swam, walked the dogs, made a store run (heart-healthy dark chocolate chips and fresh strawberries for the Tahoe Daily Tribune's Callie's Cabin column), and am working on the new superfood book. Instead of being on a lovely cloud nine I'm fantasizing about my chocolate thing with Recchiuti Confections...
I am craving the awesome, exotic flavors of infused dark chocolates that I have consumed and loved in the past. Right before Mother's Day I received the Rust Box. This collection has a history behind it. As I wrote in The Healing Powers of Chocolate: In 1997, Michael wanted to bring creation to a larger audience and introduce Americans to 'real chocolate.' "This was the first part of a long journey into the world of chocolate," says the creator of Recchiuti Confections. While working at a boutique resort nestled in a small town located in Barnard, Vermont, it gave him the opportunity of having guests taste and critique his confections. "The response was challenging at times,"admits Michael, "which eventually enabled us to nail down a collection of our first eight flavors, which we now call the Rust Box Collection."
My simply favorite chocolates are down to two:
Ginger Heart: "Rich dark chocolate infused with ginger. Cast in a white chocolate coveture and finished with gold leaf." I adore ginger and use it in many dishes that I cook and bake in my rustic cabin with a sprinkles of old Tahoe charm. Ginger and dark chocolate? It's no surprise this is a fab combo.
Kona Coffee: "100% Hawaiian Kona Coffee beans infused in fresh cream and blended with semi-sweet chocolate." Teaming healing java and chocolate? It works for me from head to toe. When I visited The Big Island, one morning at sunrise I shared rich chocolate(s) and a few cups of coffee with a friend. It was paradise.
Recchiuti Confections At Recchiuti they infuse a variety of chocolates, pairing them with an adventurous spectrum of flavors, from Fource Noir, Bergamot Tea, Lemon Verbena, and Spring Jasmine Tea. Their distinctive confections contain the finest herb, nut, and fruit essences in surprising combos. And the elegant packaging reflects originality and presentation. You can place your order online or by phone: 800-500-3396.
So, did I leave my heart in San Francisco (this super video and super song makes me homesick!) I need chocolate. Sometimes I think "yes" that is where I'm supposed to be--the place where I went to school and had plenty of literary friends. But hey, the grass often seems greener elsewhere and others believe Lake Tahoe is the hot spot. I think I'm going to pick up the phone and place an order--and so can you wherever you may be and/or wishing you were in the City--or resort town-- too. I wonder if I can order all Ginger Hearts.


  1. Those chocolates are almost too pretty to eat...almost! What is that upper LH corner chocolate, the one with the white honeycomb-look top?

  2. If you click on Rust Box link and scroll down it gives you a cheat sheet. Love those.

  3. Fantastic blog post! I think I may print out photos on the Rust Box link and sleep with them under my pillow. Maybe help me dream I'm eating Ginger Hearts!