Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Mediterranean Way

"It's The Mediterranean Way That Has Made Its Way Into My Heart And Soul"

Today I live life at Lake Tahoe, not Europe... I wake up to a large cup of fresh brewed French roast coffee, with a splash of low-fat organic milk. I sip the java in my oversized waterbed next to my two beloved Brittanys (with French roots) Simon and Seth. After they eat their breakfast, I sit on the deck in the sunshine and savor a bowl of fresh fruit and plain yogurt.

Soon after, it's dog walk time through the trail amid pine trees and splashes of wild flowers blooming (again). Once back, it is off to the resort swimming pool. At last, the water temperature is perfect. Few tourists dot the poolside (it's off season) and make it a perfect day for a perfect swim...Afterward, I make a stop at the grocery store: a box of dark Belgian chocolates (70% cocoa), a bunch of purple grapes, fresh multigrain French bread, an Italian soft blue cheese, dark green spinach greens, veggies and roma tomatoes.

Once home (again) I make friends (again) with the couple across the street and my two boys enjoy a free run with their female Golden Retriever mix. They are in doggie heaven. And now, the mellow pooches sleep. We chill. I watch the romantic film Chocolat as I feel a bit of Spring Fever lingering in the air.

Despite talking to locals in town who are feeling signs of a severe recession (this town may be indeed be in a Depression), I get it. It's the simple sensory data in the mountains that make getting up each day in the morning worth it. Fresh food. Mother Nature. It's the Mediterranean way--a healthy diet and exercise--that has made its way into my heart and soul.
Note to self: Give a copy my books The Healing Powers of Olive Oil and The Healing Powers of Vinegar to my neighbors. Hang onto the gourmet chocolates.

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  1. Good news. Chocolate and wine sales are hot thanks to the recession, according to a new report yesterday, May 16, 2009. Why? No doubt, these two antioxidant-rich good-for-you gourmet edibles are timeless during the best and worst of times.