Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Here Comes Animal Attraction for Cat & Dog Lovers

By Cal Orey, The Writing Gourmet

Animal Attraction: A Collection of Tales and Tails
 Companion animal facts that’ll surprise you…

*  Whether it’s ESP, superior senses, feline intuition, or a change in routine, your pet may sense danger, and give you a warning to keep you out of harm’s way.
 * Cats and dogs have an incredible homing instinct—it may be linked to a human-pet love connection.
 * Unforgettable animal angels may exist… Real heroes and gifts from our animal companions can and does happen.
* Beyond 9 lives:  Why canines and felines come back from the brink may be connected to the  amazing bond.
 * Reading a pet’s mind is not far-fetched. There are ways to make a psychic connection in real life and the hereafter.

* Intriguing articles on dog-loving author John Steinbeck and Cat Fancier western novelist Zane Grey to the unforgettable Snoopy's creator Charles Schulz are shared.

* * *
Written from the perspective of a veteran animal writer, flanked by her devoted pet menagerie, Cal Orey shares the best of her nationally published magazine articles (including top animal behaviorists and veterinarians). This fascinating and fun book dishes out the power of love and loyalty between companion animals and mankind. Also included, are insightful and fun quizzes to heartfelt and exciting anecdotes, along with how-to pet-related facts you didn’t know. This witty and warm must-read is a true gift for every animal lover—and deserves a paws up from four-leggers around the world.

"In Animal Attraction Cal Orey excels at a rare combination. She combines well researched expertise, respect for human-animal emotional connection, dynamic humor, and honoring the angelic nature of animals by showing their power to heal hearts and minds with unconditional love."

--Allen and Linda Anderson, co-founders of Angel Animals Network (www.angelanimals.net); authors of Dogs and the Women Who Love Them, Angel Dogs, Angel Cats, and Angel Horses

Animal Attraction: A Collection of Tales & Tails

Snowy Creek Books


PAPERBACK ISBN-13: 978-1-59819-153-0
E-Book ISBN-13: 978-1-59819-154-7

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  1. Very excited about this upcoming book. Some of these articles graced the cover of national pet mags back 25 yrs. ago! A timeless book for animal lovers.