Monday, May 21, 2012

NEW Hot Books! Coffee Power & Animal Attraction

By Cal Orey, The Writing Gourmet
This summer is going to prove to be a busy one for me--the health author spreading her wings (again). My new book The Healing Powers of Coffee (Kensington, July 31) should arrive on my doorstep mid June (advance copies). And, at that time I'll be savoring java juice in the a.m., while I'm busy at work...
I predict I'll be fine-tuning the final edits for the other book "Animal Attraction: A Collection of Tales Tails" (Includes Amazing Human-Bond Adventures). I'm so excited about this book that came to be--it was fate. We're talking 30 years of my best articles published in top pets mags. We're talking animal-loving celebs to authors and travels that I took to make this collection come alive--and the pieces, pets and people are timeless.
When "Animal Attraction" is released, "The Healing Powers of Coffee" will be keeping it company. Animals and java--two loves of mine. So, as I promote the health virtues of joe, I'll be sharing the good for you merits of pet power. And there's more...
While I'm busy paying it forward and spreading the news about these new book "babies"--I'll be working on a new project "Soul Mate Secrets: A Roadmap to Everlasting Love"--a collection of my best womens' mag articles on love, love, love. This book will be released in the Winter of 2012. So will this summer be a good one? Ah, coffee, four-leggers, and love. What else is there?


  1. Thanks John. Sometimes I feel like nobody reads my blog posts. Other times, I receive a nice note like yours. I'll keep 'em coming.