Sunday, April 22, 2012

Animal Attraction: New Summer Book in the Works

By Cal Orey, The Writing Gourmet

Changes are happening, day by day. For starters, a loud boom was heard in the Sierra Nevada region this AM. I thought it was a minor quake--but the USGS map didn't confirm. Tonight, I discovered a meteor hit the Sierras. Wow. This is The Day After Tomorrow happenings. And that's not all...
As I've been busy as a honey workerbee, busy at work on my new book "Animal Attraction: A Collection of Tales and Tails" (Includes Amazing Human-Animal Bond Adventures) to be published by Snowy Creek Books (with images on the inside cover of my interationally "hugely successful" Healing Powers series published by Kensington). These tales I am weaving together are heartwarming stories that go back 25 years (published in major pet magazines, most of them graced the covers of these publications). The bond of the pets and their people are timeless--a topic I've written about since I was a kid in the suburbs with a Dalmatian named Casey, during graduate school, and throughout the years.
Today, I received a call from a well-known angel animal author; I am requesting her blessings for this book of tales and tails, since her work has been covered by me in the past. I told her how warm and wonderful the weather is at Tahoe. Then, BAM! A weather warning hit the Special News Report: SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WARNING. So much for swimming in the Lake.
Meanwhile, as dolphins are dying offshore Peru, significant quakes continue on the North America Coast, wildfire season shows promise for the Western states due to lack of a winter, and New York is getting hit with rain and maybe snow. And so it goes...

So, through all this drama I'm inputting tales from the past about man's best friend: companion animals. Here I sit at the keyboard, taking a break... cuddled up with two Brittanys and one Siamese mix Zen. The bottom line: Things change but they don't. Weather, quakes, wildfires, and meteors come and go. But companion animals, our four-legged furry friends, are a constant--keep us feeling warm and fuzzy no matter what Mother Nature does or doesn't do. 

P.S. The photo of woman and orange cat has been deleted. If the author of the picture is available, please contact me to discuss potential publication of this item. Thank you so much.

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