Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Recchiuti's Spring Motif Comes to Lake Tahoe

By Cal Orey,
The Writing Gourmet

Tomorrow promises to be a day of work and play. The work part is that I'm in research mode for my new super food book. Translation: It's like going back to graduate school and taking several classes--on hands experiences with foods and edgy products, out in the field doing unheard of things, plus lots of reading and networking. In between my studies, I'll sprinkle in a good swim, hot tub, walking the pooches, baking something for my "What's Cookin' at Callie's Cabin" for the Tahoe Daily Tribune--and fine chocolate will arrive on my doorstep...
This time around, these chocolates for me are anticipated for many reasons. One, the artwork is awesome. In my early twenties, I was nicknamed "California Butterfly." Yes, I was a wanderlust at heart. My dog Stonefox and I hitched and hiked across America, Canada, and Mexico. It was a time for adventure, new experiences, visiting different states (from Washington, Texas, Florida and New York); and it was a time for learning and living during my carefree days as a hippie hitchhiker.
These days I'm more of a homebody with two pampered Brittanys (today, Seth, my three year old had his teeth cleaned) and I write about my past life when I was more of a traveling girl. But there are rewards of living in a resort town and being a bit more grounded, so to speak. (Note to self: Reno is on the late spring calendar for research that will be different and full of suprises.)
Enter Recchiuti Confections. It is a standout company from the crowd of competitors because of its skill, as well as its sourcing of the best chocolate, herbs, spices, teas, nuts, and fruits. And putting it all togther with classic French techniques provides an unforgettable product with class that is a cut above others.
The Spring Motif is a collection of burnt chocolate truffles decorated with breathtaking butterflies just in time for spring and Mother's Day (I'm a devout doggie/kitty mom). And I predict that the dark chocolate ganache with smoky-sweet caramel will make a hit in this home and transcend me to chocolate heaven.

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  1. Yep, at my doorstep. The Spring Motif? Presentation, originality, and taste are a 10.5 on my 1 to 10 chocolate to live for scale.