Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Dark Chocolate Incident: Sequel

The Writing Gourmet

During the field research of my book The Healing Powers of Chocolate, a mishap with chocolate and my two Brittanys spooked me--and my two fur children. The fact is, chocolate and dogs don't mix and I couldn't believe that me--the chocolate expert fell victim to dealing with the dramatic ordeal. This story made the cover of the former PetFolio magazine. In a cocoa bean shell, my pooches scarfed down quality dark chocolate. Of course, it happened on a Sunday and a desperate call to pet E.R. in Reno helped us to deal with the doggie drama. We all survived (the carpet did not)...
Today, another chocolate-related untimely mishap occurred. During an interview for the chocolate book, I let my sibling take the boys back to the back house so there wouldn't be any pesky interruptions. Then, before I knew it I heard the words bellow: "Cal! The dogs got out!" The words hit me hard. Both my fur kids (raised since pups at 6 weeks old) were on the lam.
Keep in mind, my boys are the kind of companion animals that have gone on Barnes and Noble book tours with me. These fur kids have spent the night in people-friendly hotels. They're pampered pups. Read: These purebred dogs get their nails trimmed and teeth scaled (a preventive measure for good health). My Brittanys have never had a free run in the sierra because of the danger of coyotes, mountain lions, and lots of mean streets and mean dogs. And gosh, Seth, my three year old has never growled a day in his dog life. He works out on the treadmill and loves two-leggers and four-leggers. He's a lover, not a fighter. Both Seth and Simon, six, are 39 pounds each. No contest for a dog fight with a street savvy Tahoe big dog.
So, instead of going into drama queen mode I shouted to my sibling: "Get the car! Get the leashes! Get the food"! I took off on foot. My thoughts were racing. Alas, around the corner I couldn't believe what I saw. My two boys, side by side--best buddies--looking at me. We reunited and I snagged each by their collars and we walked side by side back to the house.
What's spooky though, thirty minutes later I saw one, large coyote scurry down our street. Less than an hour after, an off-leash Pit Bull was making its rounds. My two bird dogs were all safe indoors and I vowed they'd get a well-earned safe, scenic walk taking the long way home.
Then, at last--the chocolate interview took place as planned. I dished out my hands-on knowledge about the "food of the gods"--and I felt cool, calm, and collected because I was whooped by the possibility of what could have happened to my best friends but didn't. And now, I sit here content with my two beloved canines. They're whooped, too. I'm sensing it's time for a cup of heart-healthy hot chocolate and a gourmet dark chocolate truffle or two (the compound theobromine in dark chocolate is relaxing for humans--not so much for canines) to celebrate good chocolate and good dogs.


  1. I am sooooo glad that everyone is back together again. I would have freaked out if my Husky got out and actually ran (he is a big wuss and freaks out and goes back into the yard quick). LOL

  2. Thanks Ang. It was so surreal. My babies on the loose. Truly, the oh-so busy highway near the lake was mostly on my mind. If they had made it to there (only about a block away)--wow. I feel God was looking out for my boys. I am so shocked they didn't run farther. They're bird dogs! Funny, they went towards a place I often walk 'em. Smart dogs. It was an accident with a happy ending.

  3. Great story.. I have indoor cats and once the screen had pushed out (I didn't know) and my heart skipped a beat. But sure enough, my clever Cinnamon was waiting for me at the back door. I know that feeling though. Such a relief to get the little dears INSIDE! Phew.

  4. Hi Ronna. Yep,my kitty is indoor only, too. One time I saw a black cat and thought it was him! I freaked (coyote bait) and it wasn't him. Your feline reminds me of my boys. They're smart. They got a taste of adventure (running free in the wild) but I sense they were glad to see me, their pack leader!