Sunday, February 14, 2010

How to Be a Happy 'n' Healthy Chocolatarian

By Cal Orey, The Writing Gourmet

Ah, sweet Valentine's Day! It's one of the most romantic times of a chocolate lover's year. This morning at 7:30 A.M., chocolatier Michael Recchiuti and I were guests on the San Francisco Bay Area's KSFO radio show. We talked about chocolate, chocolate, chocolate. And it was today that I announced that I am a "chocolatarian." In other words, I simply incorporate quality chocolate (all different forms from hot cocoa to hot mole) into my daily diet at least five days per week...
For a half hour we dished out factoids about the history, grades, types, from bean to bar, health improvements and home cures--all wrapped around chocolate. Yes, it was fun. Not an early bird but it was doable. Host Bob Tanem is fun. Michael is savvy. I am, well I am Callie and love to talk about chocolate.
Later, I made scrambled eggs with four types of cheese. It's so easy and here, take a peek.

Callie's Eggs

* * *
2 large brown eggs
1/2 cup low-fat organic milk
1/4 cup cheese, shredded
fresh parsley, pepper to taste

I paired the eggs with a chocolate zucchini muffin (made with unsweetened cocoa and gourmet dark chocolate chips), fresh unconcentrated orange juice, and a cup of Italian Roast with a splash of organic milk.
I froze these muffins I baked a while ago. You know, the veggie is growing on me. Anyhow, the point of sharing my breakfast with you is to show you how easy it is to include chocolate in your daily regime.
In my book, The Healing Powers of Chocolate, I weave dozens of heart healthy and yummy recipes--chocolatey ones from scones to muffins and French toast to a torte. They're all created by well-known pros from chefs to chocolatiers. And that's just breakfast I'm talking about.

BTW: The way you stay a happy 'n' healthy chocolatarian is by including plenty of fresh fruits, veggies, nuts, some fish, eggs, legumes, and olive oil into your diet. It's the balance plan. And chocolate can be your friend year round--not just on V-Day. One more thing: Getting a move on is another secret, too. It's the Mediterranean way to staying lean and fit so you can have your chocolate and eat it, too.



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  3. I put up the pre-spring mountain photo on the left. Why? It's feeling like that at Tahoe. Out of whack. No need for coats/sweater. Very odd. No fire in the fireplace, no heat on at night. And it's only mid Feb. Go figure.