Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Recipe for Making Chocolate Spiritual

By The Writing Gourmet

On Saturday I received a gift: Chocolate Raspberry Triangles from Intentional Chocolate. The presentation, taste, and orginality all rate a 10 on my personal Chocolate Ranking One to 10 Scale--10 being unforgettable and worth writing home about. Thank you Intentional Chocolate people. In return, I'd like to share an excerpt about you from my new book The Healing Powers of Chocolate...

Chocolate is More Than Just Romantic--It's Spiritual

Sure, when you think of chocolate, special holidays and tasty food come to mind, right? Well, yes and no. Some chocolate-related companies, such as Intentional Chocolate, also offer clothing and accessories, gift boxes, gift certificates, greeting cards, and mugs--with the concept: "shifting the way humans relate to food by delivering sustenance that nourishes both body and spirit." All of Intentional Chocolate products depict the emblem of the spiritual Dalai Lama sitting cross-legged Lotus position, appropriate for the spiritual and political leader of Tibetan people.
As I sit cross-legged in my chair, here at my desk in my study, gazing out the window and appreciating the tall pine trees, with two sleeping Brittanys at my feet, I can appreciate the profound mission of this company and its intention to bring greater health, coherence, and the quality of life to all human beings.
Actually, I am clad in jeans and a chocolate brown T-shirt (100% organic cotton) which reads, "Intentional Chocolate Share the Love." And I am sipping a cup of chamomile tea in an Intentional Chocolate mug. And that's not all.
Intentionl Chocolate offers a wide variety of products, like these, all with positive messages that bring good things to people like you and me...There are plenty of chocolate-related novelty items around the world. But, Intentional Chocolate's products and philosophy are exraordinary and stood out to me--and I am grateful.

Meanwhile, last night I noticed that the delicious Chocolate Raspberry Triangles (100% Hawaiian Vintage Chocolate -- "among the best chocolate in the world" according to the New York Times. 68% cocoa mass dark chocolate, pure organic raspberry -- infused with well-being) were AWOL. The box was still intact but each one of the chocolates were gone with only the chocolate wrappers in sight. It hit me. My sibling (little brother) snagged 'em. It was a huge step in chocolate progress. Not only has he graduated to healthier chocolate but he deserved it for all he does for me, from sharing dog walks to being my swimming partner and devoted mountain pal during life's ups and downs. He is my dad and mom (they are in parent heaven). He is my best friend. He is my brother. Chocolate is a great way to show a little gratitude year round--not just on Valentine's Day--a romantic time. Thank you Intentional Chocolate.


  1. When you find a chocolate that ranks 10 on your scale it is a definite keeper.

  2. Hi Velva,
    Getting my brother to eat the healthy stuff shows that it's a "keeper"! I was shocked but smiling. One by one, people can learn to love dark chocolate.

  3. Dear Velva,
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  4. Hi Juergen,
    Yep, I include "Enhanced Healthified Chocolate" such as Xocai (page 51) in The Healing Powers of Chocolate book. Check out the Home Cures section, too, for success stories. If you're looking for serious chocolate and want serious results (health perks) -- this type of chocolate is for you. It's the no-nonsense chocolate for chocolate lovers.