Thursday, December 31, 2009

Fortune Cookies 'n' Custard Snagged You in 2009

By Cal Orey, The Writing Gourmet

Today, on the last day of the decade, a special time of that magical, mystical must-remember Blue Moon (a rare New Year's Eve happening)--we're edging into a new period of 10 years. So, going down Memory Lane I was checking out some of the past fave blog posts on The Writing Gourmet. It seems that California Custard, the Ultimate Comfort Food offered comfort with a capital C. My review of Organic Pizza on the Cheap grabbed attention by Italians. And my Winter Wonderland Fresh Fruit Muffins made me (and Lake Tahoe locals) smile. But it's the chocolate fortune cookies that seemed to make me happy as well as other onlookers here and there around the Net. And who doesn't like to know what the future holds...

During December of '09, I rang up countless astrologers and psychics and asked the same question, over and over. It was always career/finances-related--not shakers or love. Flash Backward... I recall 15 years ago, I spent $2,000 one weekend for pricey dial-a-psychics to find out if my wayward ex was tom catting around. Gosh, in retrospect I can see clearly now that the money I spent could have been put towards a trip to The Big Island or a romantic Tuscany resort (my dream destination)--and I could have had my own amour!
Today, as an author-intuitive who dishes out forecasts in magazines and on radio programs, I can and do predict natural disasters, whether it be quakes or weather, and even read people 'n' pets. But note, when it comes to my financial stuff it's like trying to hear news on a bad telephone connection. Sometimes I believe if you're too close to something it's iffy to get a real read on what the future holds. So, that's where fortune cookies come into play... They cost less than psychics who charge, and they taste good, especially the ones dipped in chocolate--dark, milk, and white.
Here's a passage from one of my fortune cookie posts:
It's odd. I first thought that the fortune cookie maker took time out to cook up custom-tailored the fortunes for me. However, this was impossible because the cookies came to my home too soon after my request. So, maybe it was fate. Or not. But the fortunes uplifted my mind and spirit--a lot. Keep in mind, I have a new book THE HEALING POWERS OF CHOCOLATE due to be released in a few weeks. Take a look at the fortunes I saved from last night; a group of lucky numbers are teamed with each fortune:
The world will soon be ready to receive your talents.
Your genuine talent will find its way to success.
You will be fortunate in the opportunities presented to you.
In the summer I savored chilled, dark chocolate dipped Fortune cookies. I didn't forget these creative gems. No way. Yep, I'm the one who opens the cookie and reads the fortune before the meal. And now, I have found a place to get festive fortune cookies for all occasions including this holiday season. This weekend I enjoyed a potpourri of beautifully decorated chocolate fortune cookies (dipped in dark, milk and white chocolate).
Not only are the fortunes fun to read but the cookies are a joy to look at and the creamy chocolate make these cute creations taste sweeter and special. Naturally, turning to these cookies are a shortcut to happiness and much easier to obtain (and uniform in size for perfectionists) than DIY fortune cookies (check out this link for a recipe and websites to help you create fortunes).
A Toast of Cookies & Custard to 2010
On the last day of 2009, I vow to whip up a batch of homemade fortune cookies in 2010. I'll create all financial-related fortunes. This way, when I get an itch to ring up a psychic (who charges $3.00 plus per minute) or drain my visionary friends around the nation, I'll just grab a fortune cookie teamed with an upbeat fortune I wrote and get a feel-good, inexpensive answer to my question. May I suggest you do the same and cook that Golden State creamy custard (use the recipe in the above link and add some festive, healthy extras like fresh fruit, nuts and cream) from time to time in 2010. That'll help you deal with your fears in a new year that promises the best and worst of times, with respect to Charles Dickens.

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  1. One more thing. After the custard chat, late tonight I'm going to bake California Custard--and put it in those cute custard cups. At midnight for good luck I'll serve it with fresh cranberries and a dollop of whipped cream. Happy New Year.